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    Post by dippinBUCKETS on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:11 pm

    First time here. Wrote this over J. Coles - 4 Your Eyez Only real quick

    Despite the size of this city
    Sometimes I get a bit bored and need face to face contact and shit
    My 20 bucks in gas at the gas station ain't cuttin it
    So now I'm amidst
    The angst and hatred for my fellow acquaintance
    Wish they would say shit
    Just to spruce my life up
    Which is ironic cause I'm most at peace with the melodics
    Of wilderness beasts in the country side where nothings been tarnished
    I kick back and relax
    Stare at the stars and ponder
    What if I died right now - who's life would it alter
    Am I a clueless being seeing dimensions not sought after
    Or am I the reason we believe in the higher powers
    What am I to do
    Lace the boots and continue my Monday to Friday schedule
    Shaping the noose
    Animatronics the way we fall into the cesspool
    Of look a likes and wanderlust fools amounting to
    Nothing but a debt and a lack of fundamental tools
    Filled with regret and no chain to come loose
    We over our heads
    Social media straining any intelligence
    This is the best that I get?
    A picket fence - a bitch that never gets wet?
    A 6 figure job with a tie around my neck?
    2 kids that make fun of the projects
    Cause they've been silver spooned
    Since the seconds they slid from the womb
    The second I spit buffoon
    I know I'm God sent
    This the affidavit to my nonsense
    But I just want the paper that's what caused this

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