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    Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Bad Ass Menace

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    Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Bad Ass Menace on Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:42 am

    Ay yo... Dis rite here is a practice session so if any 1 wanna step make sure its da rite foot ur using and not da wrong move yeah?

    Verses and hooks only... No stupid ass comments coz that only makes u look weak... Understand? Lets go!

    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by bgold on Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:12 am

    yo motha fucka so u think u bad,

    u need to get a motha fuckin writin pad,

    take notes cause im about to destroy you,

    and this shit here is way overdue,

    homie this shit here is my life,

    imma open this up like a switch blade knife,

    i hope u will learn somthing today,

    i leave people in a disarray,

    this shit right here is unfair,

    im so gifted and and my talent is very rare,

    u never seen this shit so clean,

    to measure the damage on u we will need a machine,

    cause its just sad all this shit im doin to you,

    battelin me is somethin like taboo,

    cause i will massacure you just like jason or freddy,

    im comin at ya and i dont care if ur ready,
    Intermediate Member
    Intermediate Member

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Ppickles on Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:59 pm

    practice sesion here i come
    the shit i spray cant be outdone
    like 2+2 is 4 minus 3 is 1
    if you are heart burn iam tumms
    cuz im robbin everyone from rich folk to bums
    steal from me and lose your thumbs
    thats a promise not a pun
    you getting spread call you hot dog buns
    you sounding stupid you acting dumb
    so hit this shit tell you straight go numbbb
    Bad Ass Menace

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    Location : South London

    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Bad Ass Menace on Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:49 pm

    I know you peoples dont really want da drama and shit.
    So i suggest you best make like a banana and split.
    I aint talkin bout saliva when i mean dat i spit.
    but i will spit in ur face and i mean it u prick.

    Ay yo i mean what i say and i say what i think.
    and i dont care if ur black, yellow, white or pink.
    Im like da ice on da rink da way i keep myself cool.
    But i wont hesitate just to deal with these fools.

    Most of these rappers are gay and should end up in Micheal Barrymore's pool.
    U dont shine, ur not a diamond but a fake ass jewel.
    Ur da fuel to my fire and i will engulf you all.
    So u better start makin prayers for da day dat you fall.

    Your flow is pathetic and your rhyming is weak lyrical terms im sayin ur a freak
    i know with British Telecom dat talk is cheap
    but with no money to ur name u cant afford to speak.

    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by dj.priev on Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:09 pm

    Practice mode one,
    Yall ready here I come,
    Poppin out like its da new shit,
    So fresh u could call it JayZs New-Print

    Flippin up high from da 4-1-0,
    Its murdaland baby this shit aint no show,
    Step out fresh with da bonafied nikes,
    Hittin downtown essex like dem boys wanna fight me

    'preciate the welcoming,
    but this aint a warm and fuzzy,
    this that shit,
    that gets u knock on ur tummy

    only the practice,
    round 1 i know,
    but its time for yall to understand,
    who dis dude is they call PRIEV-OH

    Im so nice with it,
    i cross my t's and dot my i's,
    but if you wrote like you spit,
    dat spit make ya eyes cry

    ur shit is wack,
    ur shit be clean,
    we from da streets of bmore
    we're these bitches doing da heiro lean

    just fresh look 4ward
    Rebel G
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Rebel G on Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:33 am

    If this is practice why the fuck am I here
    this is war time, Rebel G bringing the fear
    No drama, I lock and load with my 9
    I define this practice here as a part of the crime
    All yall chasing the American dream
    but in a third world country you battle a team
    my flows spit words that makes you sit up and scream afro
    Bad Ass Menace

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Bad Ass Menace on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:10 pm

    Dont talk to me like dat u better back off nigga.
    Show some respect and take ur fcuking hat off nigga.
    U dont put in work coz ur da type to slack off nigga.
    Why dont u go and find a corner and just jack off nigga.

    I dont care if u run wit a whole pack of niggas.
    Or claim that your da type to let da gat off nigga.
    Dat little smirk on ur face i'll fcukin slap off nigga.
    I aint a snitch so i am not da type to rat on niggas.
    Rebel G
    Fresh Meat

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    Location : Baltimore MD

    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Rebel G on Fri Jan 01, 2010 10:06 pm

    Nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga Bad Ass menace can only say nigga
    real skills come from a brother thats bigga, go figga, lyrics squeeze off like
    pullin a trigga, might run with rat pack of niggas, or ninjas, or brothas
    Bas ass menace sounds like a ractal issue, with tissue stains shit stains left on the menace ha ha
    so bless you, your worst than cop with missles, in Bagdad, be glad you rhyme online
    cause lying on a track is a federal crime, I am the real menace I know you agree, the Rebel Bad Ass rapper close your eye and you'll see,

    Chicken, chicken box nigga half and half crimes, Bas Ass Menace it's past your time,
    and ryhme after ryhme, you wish you were me, menace you weak I said it Rebel G afro
    Bad Ass Menace

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    Age : 36
    Location : South London

    Response to sum batty who try to post on me...

    Post by Bad Ass Menace on Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:02 pm

    Im black still an ignorant bastard
    but i'll still will lyrically murder u with this skill that i've mastered
    instead of talking about me? Talk about ur everyday shit
    but i guess u cant coz everyday i bet u get wasted
    who are u to sit there and call me a rasist
    i bet u get ur moms just to tie ur laces
    or strap on ur velcro. I'll slap u wit my belt bro
    i'll take justice into my own hands and sentence u to death row.
    And i aint talking bout da label
    i bring it to u raw, what da fuck do u bring to the table
    u dont live true stories all i hear from u is fables
    ur chattin dat horseshit like u live in the stables

    aint nobody on dis rap ting like im on it
    and if u think ur better than me? Ur far from it
    the shit dat i spit so sick that i vomit
    the drink dat i guzzle be my antibiotic
    im not da type to make threats man i only promise
    ur mad coz ur girl give me da wax, shine and polish
    im da type of bad boy dat u just cant punish
    ur just kinda sad boy coz u get thrown out like rubbish

    i dont care if ur black, white or half-cast
    i'll still whoop ur arse, on da mic i'll have da last laugh
    im a sophisticated brother, ur without class
    about to get ur jaw cracked and then shattered just like glass
    im half jamacian, nigga ur just a bom-bo-rass
    no way dat im a taliban but i still will drop bombs on ur ass
    what do u think i am, stupid? Dont be daft
    u shouldnt under-estimate me coz u dont know the half.

    (listen man. Im black still. dont care who takes offence to my bars coz im tryin to make sumthin out there when most of these assholes aint even got a nickel and dime to rub together lol aint even got 2 bars to connect u feel me)

    P.s. Shout out and respect to man dem like "Geezy" and "KTW aka swagga prince"... Keep postin up mad barz u get me... Show these fresh meat out there whos boss yeah?

    Last edited by Bad Ass Menace on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:30 pm; edited 2 times in total
    Intermediate Member
    Intermediate Member

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by ktw on Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:53 pm

    time for the practice rounds
    yall career is over like ending da final play of the superbowl running out of bounds.
    got da weak rappers hidden in ashes cuz nigga im on fire
    rip out ya spine and lay it on a wire
    wen it comes to talent,im on da clouds aint no gettin higher
    my flow smooth like water go find a dryer
    my daily dose of rap is wat i require
    post sum beasty shit on a topic and get no replyer
    im shining like the night sky
    battle under a full moon call me the night guy
    but im not a nice guy
    and my flight is too fly
    betta stay away like my price is too high
    droppin verses like dice in the blink of an eye
    ima have u on the walk of shame
    future millionare on da wall of fame
    im wat u all proclaim
    im such a baller,so put ya head in game
    breath like a dragon and put ya bed in flames
    i kill u in real life,den leave u dead in frame
    scared rappers stay in doors
    bury ya weak lyrics in my floors
    so hide dem lame verses in drawers
    this rap game too easy,wat u think i got in for.
    u just a nigga we all ignore
    im so hardcore
    and i break da boards
    i dont give a fuck about u hatefull whores
    wit ya weak talent and the wastefull scores
    yall garbage-so wat da fuck u gratefull for?
    wen it comes to spitting im too fatefull boy.

    understand dis is just practice and im ready for competition.please read the whole thing if u wanna be better than me and know wat to expect niggaz.bad ass menace nigga,u gotta get sum real talent-not these weak ass wanna-bes wit like 12 posts.

    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

    Post by Scarecrow on Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:01 pm

    Lil' nigga learn to speak and behave
    spell and be brave
    and always eats your vegetables
    and maybe one day you'll grow up to be edible
    but fuck it, I ain't editable
    I'll eat this kids face, in the cypher, a slave
    this kids styles depraved, like rape fantasy
    either way, I gotta hand it to me
    this kid can't handle me
    you looking hungry, like you ain't got nothing to eat
    so take a plate, serve you my well done rap beef

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    Re: Practice Sessions Rnd 1

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