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    my freestyle first post


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    my freestyle first post

    Post by jordan96410 on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:23 am

    imma just type a freestyle and whatever i have in 2 min i will use. please read and rate.

    its that great gastby feel// luger made from 1920's carnegie steel// but still we steal for the money power and respect// so i cut the check, for the fam// its all money power and love// move white birds equivellent to a dove// from above, im seen as a creator// a great debator, for the essence of an adolescence// my lessons written in hyroglyhps, loaded lines with hollow tips// its 2 min so im done writtin this

    Mic spitta
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    Re: my freestyle first post

    Post by Mic spitta on Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:03 pm

    Shits Ight but I just might add a threw things, rap ain't the money or the bling, how many diamonds on ya watch and on ya ring, shit leads to misery, drowned with Hennessy, it's about family and smokin weed and droppin beats, it's a passion forget the Fashion, you's a selfish nigga least I imagine, well I'm a nigga to light up with my crew hope it's something new, after that man we thru, fuck the money fuck the honey's, man the music shoots, goosebumps thru my veins, my relief to pain leads my path to fame, label it my name, a high ass nigga never alone you should figura, I'm with some homies not staying low key when we blow trees, nigga for the love of music that's how we use it not like you tryin abuse it

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