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    My new shit <3

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    My new shit <3 Empty My new shit <3

    Post by Sammy<3 on Wed Aug 01, 2012 5:02 am

    t's my time to show that I will fuckin' blow you away with no chance of escape.

    Bro you think I suck? Na mate! FUCK THAT! You can lick my frickin' nutsack!

    Speakin' of nutsacks lets talk about yours, I must say you got some balls if you be challengin' me!

    While were on this topic lets take a his at my gender, So what you gotta penis? Do you think that make you better?

    Motha fucker! I can kill! AND count two 5 dolla bills. You can see my shit grow. Imma give you a warning I'm about to blow. My flow is so fly. Your rythem and your rhyme is from 1989. Your so old, your just a fucking chode! Fuck, You fucking stupid noob! You think you can spit a dirty rhyme? Well come back in 2045. Trust me you need some time to develop your rhymes. Trust me when I say your nothing new. Haha I bet YOU can't even count two 5 dolla bills.

    Yeah you know your raps are okay. Well they sound like they were written by a guy in 5th grade. Come back when you got some flow. Oh man i just blowed..... Blowed you away. NOW! Get the fuck outta my hood before i throw you away.

    Oh and FUCK YOU! Hangin' with that Maori (tribe in NZ) crew. You think you so fucking fly smoking that bud and drinking that shit. Well lemme give you some clues, I got some news, You'll fucking kill yourself and nobody will give a fucking hoot, OH WAIT! of course! Except Maori crew! Your just like everybody else, You got nothing on me or anybody else!

    OUT MOTHA FUCKER! You just got pwned! You know what I take back what I said, Don't come back in 2045. You'll just your ass owned!

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