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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw!

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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty Freestyle about whats around you right naw!

    Post by Stackron on Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:15 pm

    Secluded in one room/ ready to leave this place and start my weekend/ bitchez lined up got them scheduled like doctors offices/ I dont take orders only appointments only/ Did u say catagory/ Unconscious dont give a fuck/ I got a mean streak/ I'll let my words speak/ Louder than a siren/Comprendo I get bi -lingo on that azz/ Levyz distract me/ old school chevys flossing like morning rituals/ Deez nuts iz what those bitchez after/ They moan like hynas/ in the wild like endangered species/ visions thru my eyes blurry/ clouds in the sky hazey/ A different world underneath it all/ every step pressure thru my bloodline/ counter terrorist still eyeing the prize / death before dizhonor itz do or die/ eventually too bad it will all end/ but i will stand strong statue
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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty Re: Freestyle about whats around you right naw!

    Post by descript on Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:34 pm

    typin on the lap top lookin at the screen
    its quite dusty it probably needs to be cleaned
    lookin out the window ill i see is trees with no leaves
    snow on the ground and everybodys walkin around
    frosted cookie in my hand made with canibutter
    ill eat two now and save the rest of them bitches for supper
    i look to the right a quilted cover and a bunk bed
    im starin into the mirror and my eyes are bloody red
    on the computer desk is a flask full of vodka
    the heat is blowin i take a sip i feel even hotta
    im bothered i need to open up a fuckin window
    and lift my left hand to my face and i take a taste of theindo
    white board on the wall with big amounts of money
    gotta keep track of what they broke niggas owe me
    damn what it that? somethins very smelly
    in the corner a dead mouse with a slit in its belly
    book shelf full of books that i dont even read
    lookin in the closet an assortment of various hoodies
    im bored now so im gonna go to another thread
    cuz as i look at this one its obvious that this ones dead
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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty What's around me now?

    Post by Croigadai on Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:28 pm

    What's around me now,
    hmm... what do I do now?
    all I see is beer bottles, butts and spit inside em
    while i'm spittin random words unslurred until I find the right um
    how do i put this... combinational sensation no relation to the ego-masturbaters
    feel free to be haters, in fact hate me, I like fightin friggin fakers,
    i'll take the whole team of the lakers down to the lake front,
    serve em all moonside up in the lake's basement
    I'm not being debasing, rather, i'm just relating,
    the fact that when I rap I don't play I'm just placating
    to the words that I'm saying, just after the fact. maybe?
    I know what I write is whack, but fack, I can't help my head is friggen cracked

    but what's around me? let's see.
    Camel wides, and subway, some lighters and an ashtray,
    my keys, wallet, sunglasses and a desktop
    a couple big tvs with a dual display backdrop

    I can't quite cop a feel for what this is doing to me
    but I'm sittin in my daughter's old room and the friggen walls are pink
    new stainmaster carpet and Purple trim around the portals,
    sequins on the double colored curtains on the windows

    I got two thirds of a tempur pedic in the corner
    my rolling broken office chair keeps catching between it-and-the floor
    im hittin the floor, with socks on and no shoes,
    hoping that the static'll generate enough wattage to maybe improve

    My friggen mental state like electroshock therapy
    cause I'm really friggen tired of regular guys fearin me
    are you hearing me? I'd rather have competition
    then a bunch of children wishing in betwixt of all their bitching

    So come with your volition and destroy my inhibitions
    my restraints are so tainted with pussyjuice, I'm just saying.
    I'm tired of walking slowly through my life unopposed,
    I'd rather fight all day and night with just a juxtaposed, rendition

    it's like a mission,
    and if I do not have a team I can't complete my mission
    you see why I'm stressin?
    Every time I rap It's gotta turn into a lesson.
    and I'm friggen beatin on my chest n blessin in reverse all the fools who're guessin

    But still around me hooks upon the wooden wall are hung,
    a couple bags, a hair barrette, and above that nemo and son
    My daughter likes Nemo.
    No I ain't a chick, that is why this is important. man I got a friggen dick

    How many poor bums like me,
    can't see their kids so they just sit still and scream
    can't even get over losing one, lose two
    and even a present one cannot console you

    The role of a parent is something you may not be used to
    but I guarantee it gives a protective power that cant be but brutal
    Get in the way of any parent and their child,
    and you'll see just what it means to become wild

    I'm just freestyling here, in fact
    I made my account to get some practice freely placing raps
    so if you think you'd like to test up against me your mettle
    then please post something to my inbox to settle.

    Hi everyone. Nice to meet you.
    Oh yeah... theres a massage table folded on my floor. and a week old tea jug.
    I got my daughter Disney infinity figures,
    to go with her ps3 she commandeered from me with a hug

    Im one of those great fathers you see.
    Shes my littlest one and I get to see her G.
    I have issues being a disabled vet,
    I self debase self consciously a lot of times instead of being present

    But I always try to do the best their mothers allow,
    so I send a check each month and try not to mess their lives up somehow.
    I got blown up twice, jumped by 11 colleagues
    that's what happens when you're an eagle in a group of shitbirds, you see

    They beat the blood out of my skin,
    but they never got me to cow down or back down or let em win
    I stood my ground for half an hour straight and cut my own bonds
    and when all was said and done I was retired, and fucked up.

    I don't mean to get disrespectful here or all violent
    but them assinine assholes in cammies can sit and fuckin bite it.
    I'm one of em, so I can say that shit.
    And if one of em's got a problem they can stand up and say shit

    I won't complace it, rather debate it,
    esoterically speaking I'm a demon with-the-mans check?
    but logically corresponding I'm tactfully illiterate
    so please don't hate upon me if I blow the whole forum up

    I'm just here to state my case
    Maybe rap a little, maybe have a chase
    I don't really give a damn if this comes in any place
    just please interject something (here) so I can run a race

    You see there's also sneakers sittin on the floor beside me
    so before you deride me for gettin off point just look inside me
    see what you see and see if something looking back at ya
    that's comparable in talent and skill and attitude of a a grand bastard

    did I mention I'm listening to a beat at 5.1
    also got some other things within these walls and on
    a calendar with angry birds that ended in december
    a couple PS3 controllers with cables over weathered

    I'm a little under the weather myself,
    and since I sit around my soul I guess it fuckin counts
    but who am I to trounce and serve a dish myself
    you guys can fight over who takes me down themself.

    Hi... how are ya? Could this be my introduction? I'm lazy. Cool
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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty Shit off the dome

    Post by MindOfA_Don on Thu May 29, 2014 10:21 am

    Sitting at my desk polo'd down to the socks
    Got these dress shoes on, might be some shit you cant rock
    Might be some shit you cant cop
    Could be this ring or this watch
    If your girl come around she'll immediately stop
    I give her the green light to go cause I'm not fucking these hoes
    Im trying to rhyme and go
    Im tryna establish my flow !
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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty Re: Freestyle about whats around you right naw!

    Post by Street Slayer on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:09 pm

    Let's go

    Hustle like Im broke
    Your shit is just a joke
    Its all on me and I bet I never choke
    I killed your flow with a freestyle
    You can rap back but it might be while
    Until I reply, my oh my
    You lames workin bad bitches twerkin
    Stack my racks up cuz Im puttin work in
    She popped that ass til she said it hurtin
    I dont care, treat her like a ho
    CREAM til the end all a hustler knows
    Just how it goes, ya I suppose
    Watch that bish drop straight to floor
    Flipped that nigga over put on fours
    Here I come, woah bish woah
    We ride 84s, we tote 44s
    Talk that ish get your head choppd off
    Yeah Im out I beast I boss
    Street Slayer
    Street Slayer
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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty Re: Freestyle about whats around you right naw!

    Post by Street Slayer on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:10 pm

    if you're 'broke', it's because I broke you
    if you 'choke', it's because I choked you
    you just clench them fists in rage.. you won't ever throw, dude!
    so true..- real talk: you said this was a freestyle battle
    then acted wack.. just like your dreams, your schemes die mangled

    yo, 'cream'? really? well, if you're that into it let's talk dairy:
    you probably spend your life baked.. & to top it all off you're a fairy
    think you're good? nearly. but you need to refine your interests
    cuz if all you got is 'bishiness', you'll just get rep as a princess
    see, think: lest we forget.. the King is the top dog
    he gets respect from subjects who think he's God's law
    now you can take a crown or 2 by infiltrating the tower,
    but you'll never take the throne unless you earn the power

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    Freestyle about whats around you right naw! Empty Re: Freestyle about whats around you right naw!

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