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    Diss The Textee Above You

    Lyrikal Assassin
    Lyrikal Assassin

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    Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by E-Klypse on Mon Mar 24, 2008 12:31 am

    Ok ya'll know what it do...Whos gonna diss me??


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    Matt The Ripper
    Matt The Ripper

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Matt The Ripper on Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:14 pm

    I don't know you, so you lucky I don't show you
    what my lyrical ability can do, i'd flat-out out-flow you!
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by BiGDieseL on Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:17 pm

    Matt The Ripper wrote:I don't know you, so you lucky I don't show you
    what my lyrical ability can do, i'd flat-out out-flow you!

    ur raps is all played out and fuckin lame
    shoulda stayed out the game, they sound the same
    Matt The Ripper
    Matt The Ripper

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    Location : British Columbia, Canada

    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Matt The Ripper on Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:37 pm

    Fuckin' lame? Did some fuckin' lamer, say, "Fuckin' lame?"
    How fuckin' lame is that?! Speakin' of lame, look @ dis cat's fuckin' name!
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by ghost937 on Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:49 pm

    I'm sittin here thinkin damn these niggas dont know the meaning of freestyle/
    Y'all claimin' you do i see that but i think y'all in denial/
    Peep game son i own this mic like it's my slave/
    Go ahead and reply back y'all are just diggin' your grave/
    Real talk aint nothin' about me fake/
    Y'all need to come up with some good shit for god sakes/
    I haven't heard nothin' that makes me say whoa/
    Only thing i'm sayin' is "damn these nigga's some ho's"/
    If y'all think you can handle the shit I spit then feel free/
    I garuntee I will murder you with this flow that I leak/
    Don't speak geek i got ur girl in between the sheets cuz she the freak of the week/
    I sneak her my dingaling in what she uses to speak then comence to makin them knees weak when i beat her with my meat/

    hahahahahahaa damnnn that shit crazy
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by makavele on Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:48 pm

    [b]oh! shit, there's a wacksta in da house by the name ghost
    shit dude don't know i fuckin' dig on wack emcees like him for toast
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by DaleMcDuff on Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:05 am

    Make sence next time, you wannabee rapper.
    You shouldn't be spittin' prick, your the audience clapper.
    Applaud my rhymes after you look at this and cry.
    And don't even THINK ov tryna diss me when you reply.
    Cause ill kill lyrically, mentally and physically,
    You ain't a fuckign rapper, your a wannabee!
    On abotu the other persons name called Ghost.
    If you fuckin' dig on wack emc's, then don't even post!
    His rap was better than yours , ur a fucking dickhead.
    Maybe i should ov dissed him, and not you, me instead.
    In the future, mate, don't embaress yourself.
    On about ya country now, Nigeria has no wealth!
    And you on about you dissing him for toast you fool.
    You can't even afford to go to primary school!
    I'm sick of you already, and you spit 2 lines, which were shit.
    Your mum only gave birth to you for the child benefit!
    In the future, prick, just shut up and listen!
    You need 2000 BAIL money to get ya dad outta prison.
    So I'm gna quit my rhyme, and afford you the embaressement.
    Ain't you got something else to do? Go pay for ya mums rent!
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by makavele on Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:52 pm

    you're so wack i guess you always use a rhymer
    i dont do that shit, called me the rap master
    ur lines portray a low level of I. Qoutient
    am'a diss your fucking generation, just be patient
    look at ur shoes, oh, the sight gives me goose pimples
    i like to laugh out loud when i see 'em , check out ma' dimple
    how the fuck u make mention of Nigeria
    when ur citizens keep dying of Malaria
    who da next on da throne, is it Hillary or Obama
    where were you when sept 11 was tainted bloody by Osama
    spitting two lines, that just doesn't show my weakness
    as much as your whole encyclopedia didnt show that u're the illest
    family ties, try to make the notch tighter, see ur dad;s choking
    ur momma doesnt care, after hooking, she's still doping
    wouldnt, want to waste multis and punchlines, so am straight
    aint bisexual, pls tell me whats da pronunciation of "tete"
    if i need a whole deal of bucks to get dad outta prison
    the masterpiece like me, dont need a whole page to keep dissin
    a motherfucka like you, aint you scared of drying
    R.I.P in advance, my niggaz are ready to get your balls frying
    and when you gone, they'll know am da illest
    a minute silence, NOW TELL ME WHO'S THE WACKEST.
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by LyriChris24 on Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:18 pm

    You tried to steal tupac's name
    But couldn't even spell it,
    Ain't that a shame?
    Half your lyrics don't rhyme,
    You have half of a brain
    You a fake gangsta,
    You don't know anything about packin a flame.
    But I bust the MAC and my aim
    Is straight,
    That's more than I can say of you,
    beacuse frying balls is gay.
    I don't mean to offend ,
    maybe you play that way.
    You talk about Sept. 11
    Like you drove the plane on that day
    Well when the towers fell,
    Your mom was givin brain from some pay.,
    Because she's a crack bitch.
    Who the hell rhymes illest with wackest?
    Cali Dimitri
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Cali Dimitri on Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:09 pm

    Lyrichris? Your a pathetic excuse for a lyricist
    Looking in the mirror all day like a woman concerned with appearances
    that flame cisco heard yer flow and was convinced that you were queer-er than him

    makavele may claim half of a brain, but I see you've lost yours,
    I tied it with a string through your nose slamming your face in the door,
    your face looked bloody like the horse clit on a whore

    your like some wack emcee that thinks he can easily rap,
    STOP, I'm sick of plugging my nose when your spewing feecies n' crap

    dumb clone, You might wanna run home, and hone in on your pap... Shmear,
    wipe up the piss in your pants and feel the fear,
    You don't got the skills, your mama pays your bills, hope you don't mind being a loser cuz you don't what your losing, any girl you'll ever care about has already blew me

    your breath smells like ass no fooling, when croc's first came out you were the first one storefront drooling,
    fake gangsta? Makavelli maybe he is.. This lame cat calls himself Lyrichris, the fake lyricist fronting like he can spit,
    too bad he doesn't know when he read this his balls shrunk like his deflatable tits.

    This was cal dimitri with some ill types a shit.
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    Oh shit

    Post by KG on Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:04 pm

    Cali Dimitri call yourself a baseball player
    Yeah you play with balls, in jail in a cell with a nigga same shit fuckin in the ass Homosexual player
    Wanna be lyricist flow like you got a dick in your mouth
    Come ya ass down south ya momma will be getting hit from the back upon my couch
    you are an excuse for the way hip-hop is
    Imma take your girl in the back of my crib and show her the heart of New Orleans
    Pinstripes in my lines with a professional grip on the lyrics
    Dimitri, cali, what the fuck your name is, poo poo ass nigga go back home and leave hip-hop to the realest
    Real ill, nah, more like stains in your fruit of the looms
    I'll give you the led zeppelin when I guitar your doom
    Diego Corrales ya face, still jabbing your girl pussy
    You can call me hancock because I'm signing off my flow on you rookie
    Or fresh meat, yeah not no more in them bricks
    You dropped the soap the first night in an instant
    My homeboy told me that he got that ass
    And you was screaming like t-pain like Akon gonna have your back
    Your ass is open and its no way for closing
    Jail for another black man got you chosen
    I kept my soap on a rope and you bent like a school pencil
    Teacher took you out of the class because she don't teach pussy niggas
    So i'm going to end you like a casket
    Tell your girl to get knee pads because she's on my dick like you and faggots
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by KReal on Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:57 pm

    listen homey my thirst is unheard of/
    so fuck it, youll be the first to get murdered/
    put you in the dirt,youll never resurface/
    so fuck it you servin no purpose verse leave you cursed up/
    fake fuck get your face tore up like a mack truck/
    i bundle them stacks trust me im straight trouble on wax/
    fuck with me on rap? shit, ill have you doublin back/
    bringin the rap/hard as if im slingin the crack/
    so what you gon do when them vultures attack?//
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by ThaFranchize on Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:38 pm

    alright look, i'm only 16 but i've been rappin for years
    tha last time i heard gay shit like that....i was talkin ta queers
    o sorry brah i ment homos
    i'm try'na offend ya
    but like a dude out 4 revenge, i'm here to avenge ya
    homie listen... i dont know were u from and i aint try'na front
    i'm here ta murk
    but ladies first dawg, get ya bitch ass to tha frot
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by coolg on Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:27 pm

    i might be a girl but i still can rap betta
    u better watch out cause im burnin like fire
    u might of been rappin for years but u sound like charlie browns mother
    al i hear from u is clutter
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Colstar on Sat Nov 08, 2008 6:57 pm

    girl you aint a rapper your a pair of legs and no more
    like your flat chest ill smack you flat against the flat wall where you'll fall
    ur name says fresh meat but cat i see more cheese in ur stagnant chuff
    when it comes to deodorant you need industrial strength stuff
    so how does it feel never having a reason to smile
    how does it feel to know you'll never have a child
    you got ur hopes up when ur period was late
    but your never gna have anyone for whom to put food on a plate
    cus your an ugly sketty whore with no place to go
    so go fuck off you stupid fucking skanky hoe
    more like PMSL when u take your last breath
    so quit breathin start leavin n do me a favour
    when it comes to the school of rapping, you have bad behaviour

    ill tell you one thing that would make my day
    kickin u in the cunt... wot more can i say?
    BlacK IcKe
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by BlacK IcKe on Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:47 pm

    colstar shitty yu got no bar5/chessy type swagger lik da nigga work at gold star
    i go hard yu got no heart/buss em down 4 pound slow down lil clown/
    dis fresh meat got mad cow yu will die tryin ta eat/
    freddy couger how i do ya yu ah die in ya sleep/
    blacK mag ta ya wacK ass have yu hollerin yu want peace/
    red ridah homicide bitches who want beef/
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Ello on Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:08 pm

    OK Cold sore I mean Col star u aint a rapper ur self just a bitch who picks on broads
    your just a nerd in high school we can all tell that you fraud
    cause u wish i never answerd that shit now ur like "OH MY GOD!
    THey know everthing about me how did it come to the conclusion that im bitch ass nigga " remeber you ust to be my student
    now im here to take your life cause that shit is ruiend
    i try to give you all my knowledge but your bitch ass blew it
    im take that shit bac u where never friends with me
    my friends dont blow shit! no female tendecies
    and ima call u paris hilton with all ur friendinemies haha.....
    ima tell u the truth u aint shit but a gemic
    and u winning this battle is like a kid with down syndrome winnig the olympics
    BlacK IcKe
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by BlacK IcKe on Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:26 am

    Ello bitch made lik one ov ellen hoes/
    strip tease stokings and panny hoes/
    fucK yu im smokin dro yu aint got original/
    5 stray shoots send up ta heavens door/
    beef wit ah beast they don want no mo/
    45 bullets leave one hellish hole/
    I dont aim fo da body i am fo da dome/
    came wit ah crown but im leavin wit ah throne/
    sicK wen i spit yu might cKatcKh ah cKold/
    shit dat yu spit is shit a heavy load/
    try ta bite me and ya head might explode/
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    Post by IllestCreation on Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:03 pm

    This kat writes lyrics like he's an amature //
    Obviously he can't spell, he has no rap future //
    It seems you can't be swift without gods givin gift //
    And this black (d)icke you lack / i was told by the last forum thats why you left //
    Now listen up and go back / before you fall like our economy with nothing left //
    Go back to you're asian ma'mi, go back to that life of theft / and throne /
    Just dont forget how I and me, used you face as a stepping stone //
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by joungjesta on Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:42 pm

    nigaz u all suck dick goin around rapin dat crzy shit
    Arctik Beast
    Arctik Beast
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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by Arctik Beast on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:39 am

    look at joung jesta
    he could be the young vesrion of the great uncel festa
    yes thats right the next stop to being a child melesta
    then watch his brain festa from the back of his head were the gun powder spread
    leaving traces of lead for the feds to wonder
    why his heads all burnt like hes been struck down by thunder
    now heres some advice to help you with a task
    to stop dribbling shit cause i shoot first the ask
    why this bitches face blown right through his ass

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by InFamous on Mon May 11, 2009 6:58 am

    Artic beat the only thing thats a beast is your big breast
    I run at you with the tec spray hold up let me reload 4 a sec
    Think you can rap but all i see coming from yo mouth is crap
    On the end of a dick everyone knows your mums a bitch and yo dads a snitch
    So what's that make you a cross bred shit.
    When i blask with my AK you and your crew hit the D-E-C-K
    I'm hard to the core dropping you letting you hit the floor
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by H.I.M on Mon May 18, 2009 3:28 am

    i wish u'd tell me wait y u reload
    didnt pay hommage so u get life repoed
    im stuck n G-mode live by the G-code
    ya puttin change in ya piggy bank im foldin c-notes

    betta have ya K for when i make u UNfamous
    come ta where u play n hold ground like bang-bust
    thang tucked got ya heart beatin n ya brain fucked
    in this game like nintendo im shootin lame ducks
    put ya picture on a tee moms got ya framed up
    judge got no proof but still they tryna blame us
    u dont really belive ur gunna be famous
    want beef... good im cookin up the angus
    money out the anus me im the greatest
    me im so dangerous u aint the faintest
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by click on Tue May 19, 2009 7:13 am

    Yo H.I.M your fresh meat, the way i look at it soon u gona be be dead meat,
    starting beef, u should know, im from the land down under,
    im used to making lambs cry in dis beleif,
    see im the cheif, and no nigger is going to try and sitck this spit to me face,
    because before u know it, this is a race, better brace yourself because i come in hard
    with a gland of 9 inch razor blades and ur gona go tell ur dad ur afraid because
    click, clacked his glock and shot u from the other side of the street from this mustangs
    passenger seat.
    Fresh Meat

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

    Post by rock on Sat May 30, 2009 12:18 am

    yo click why u frontin like ya flow is the shit/ only time this dicks hard hard is when he watchin a flick/ on mic im a beast go off in the circle/ you a bitch and ur word play like oprah in color purple/ call it steve urkel did i do that/ cause ya boy murked u wit a firery rap/ so jus breeze like the wind and chill and i'll remind ya/ i spade cats quick so quit playin vagina

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    Re: Diss The Textee Above You

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