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    J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets

    Pop Dukez
    Pop Dukez
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    J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets Empty J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets

    Post by Pop Dukez on Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:57 pm

    J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets 35ipzsw

    J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets was scheduled to be released March 2nd,
    2010. But due to high demand of its contents Teamstas Llc. was
    forced to release "Illuminati Secrets" prior to it scheduled date.
    J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets is Wake-Up Call to its Listeners. The
    controversial Tracklisting touching on Topics such as 2010', Swine
    Flu, and The New World Order, makes this mixtape the most relevant
    of its Kind. With Features from Dream Team, J-Ones, Jimmy S,
    Lowtone, and L-Eazy. J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets is vital to the
    un-masking of Conspiracy Theorys and Corrupt systems of our
    Government, Such as "Harp" and the Haiti Relief discussed on "World
    Books Accapella". Illuminati Secrets is undoubtlingly a Must Have.
    Teamstas Llc. and J-Demo ask that you spread the word of this
    mixtape for Education Purposes.
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    J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets Empty Re: J-Demo - Illuminati Secrets

    Post by jedaprin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:23 pm


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