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    Beats For Your Next Mixtape/Project/Demo


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    Beats For Your Next Mixtape/Project/Demo

    Post by IGD on Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:59 am

    sup.. thought I'd drop a line to all the netcees about an online beat shop

    Illa Gorilla Digital was created to to help aspiring music artists to achieve your goals. The online beat shop allows you to 'lease' beats and use them in your projects/mixtapes/demos royalty free.

    You're probably seriously? .. Well we know what its like to be an artist. Sometimes the budget isnt that big but you want to put out your projects. Illa Gorilla Digital is here to help you out

    You're probably asking yourself... "why would I want to buy beats/instrumentals that other people might have already!?"

    Well check this out... chances are no one person will hear the two tracks, and even if they do.. in this RAP/HIPHOP game YOU'RE the hotter artists right??

    So even if there is another song out there that uses the same beat, what it comes down to is, did you spit hot fire on that track to blow your competition out of the water?!

    (think of when all the up an coming new rappers spitting to the 'A Milli' beat... from that point of view everyone knew the beat was hot, it was more like, who can spit better.)

    If you want to thave the exlucsive recording rights to an illagorilladigital beat or instrumental, we do have exclusive license pricing available too. But its going to cost ALOT more than the lease beats price.

    Have a listen, you might hear something you like..


    Thank Yoooou! alien

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