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    lets kick it

    Jihad James
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    lets kick it

    Post by Jihad James on Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:25 pm

    i drop rhymes heavyer then nuclear bombs destroying mcs like extremists from islam
    kill every oponent untill this forum is calm taking mc anal virginity like it is prom
    illiminating your name from existance with my lyrical persistance
    attempting to battle me is more futile then muslim resistantance
    so call 411 your going to need some assistance
    you got 30 seconds to run i hope you can cover some distance
    cuz i fire accuratly shoot breath shoot breath theres no distracting me
    cut you up worst then chinese kids working in a knife factory
    kill the faculty and the fact will be that you die quick
    light your ass on fire you burn like dry shit

    i strike faster then lightning my styles more frightnening then possesion
    overdosing on pure flow like adrenaline rate this and i get a 10
    so dont be pretending men cuz i carry 2x front line ammunition
    leaving you hiding under cover in a possition worst then 5 year olds sucking priests
    forced into submission the message im dishin is tastyer then 1000$ dollar plates fresh out the kitchen
    trigger finger itching and my semi automatic rifles fires with support from my whole section
    subjecting you to a new type of pain close your eyes and ill cut out your brain

    raw im a give it to ya disturbing raw like raping virgins
    dick covered in diseases you cant believe this
    more mean then the romans who executed jesus
    so dont contest i bring the heat and leave you stressed
    never made a claim to be the best just able
    you cant fathom what comes next your humanly incappable

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