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    Lyrical Nuclear Bombin'


    Lil' Zetch
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    Lyrical Nuclear Bombin'

    Post by Lil' Zetch on Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:18 am

    One track minded so focused my eyelids close
    if I sneeze they may go up into my skull, and stick to my cerebral
    lyrics flow out my throat like a waterfall goes
    hits the bottom of the north pole, yes thats possible

    Its simple, simply stated the inevitable of what creates a masterpiece that glows
    out of control its becomes a piece of history
    by the time these words hit saturn they will be floatin' through gravity
    fall back to the earth and into your ear if your still hearing

    Factually speaking im attracting every human being
    letters mixed to create words is the best hearing aid
    if you seen, youd understand it
    the clocks never skip a tick but the flow is so erotic
    that itll be a problem solver for that blood sucking insect

    Injest the rest of this as your eardrums guide your intentions
    when you control the listenin' of this rappin' intervention
    start clappin' when you think you missed it
    Cuz you didn't, you just created a passage way into the miss
    I mean the mist of it,

    I wasnt trying to lead you into the wrong interruption
    dont underestimate the fact that its not a trap,
    not bait but a non corrupt form of sense
    ...... ........ ......

    to make a better statement, Up to this date I delayed the meaning of the slaying of this paper with ink
    next time I guess I better think before the rhyme wants to put the ink in a beat and
    drink it till I cant think of anymore words to put in sync with the rest of it, guess it almost got the best of me

    My confusion told me to interupt the illusion that these lyrics are bomb
    in fact they were wrong they are pure nuclear weapons
    when struck with a mix of rhyme and beat they burst geater than the sun even if your upclose in a spaceship

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