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    Choke By: Millie


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    Choke By: Millie

    Post by Millie4554 on Thu Jul 05, 2012 8:40 pm

    the rymes that i spit cause nothing but friction
    but when i get on the mic its like an addiction
    because im the greatest rapper in illinois
    im more gangster than fifty
    i can battle anyone from the bums to the greats
    i break them all like clumsy waiters break plates
    i diss nelly because he makes hardcunt faces
    that aint platnium in his mouth there just expensive braces
    see like dre
    your mad because you got accused of being gay
    if i was your drunken master i would phone your friend jack
    because ryming skills is what you lack
    better open your mouth and fight back
    dont choke
    here you better sniff some coke
    because when you read this ryme you will suffer froma stroke
    man dont take me as a joke
    im one of the youngest rappers out
    all id like to do is give a shout
    to all my homies who suffer
    when the crips put a blade in another brother

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