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    Ruthless By:Millie


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    Ruthless By:Millie

    Post by Millie4554 on Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:53 pm

    u say u left me hangin homie
    naw i just didnt want to waste my time
    u aint worth a minute of mine
    cause u cant rap worth shit
    homie u cant hold up the lines i spit
    im ruthless
    ya rymes aint worth a cent
    im rewriten history
    u aint no mc
    u cant rap u cant ryme
    give u a dunce cap so u culd spend some time
    thinkin about who u steppin to
    yeah austin im talkin to u
    so u still think u tough
    still think ur rymes r good enough
    i thought so!!

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