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    emceeing, My Life.

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    emceeing, My Life. Empty emceeing, My Life.

    Post by shaby on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:21 pm

    So many thoughts & so many words in my mind,
    but i just cant put up all of those on this mic,
    it feels like every one is on my back with knife,
    trying to fuck me, say's that i got no life ,
    its the ruthless time for the person who fly free in those limitless skies,
    Cloudy mind, seamless eyes, tounge with double quick rhymes,
    do i smile or show lugubrious in my rhymes ?
    look into my eyes, there is a feeling of lies,
    is it blowing your LiL mind ? "NO" then let me dehisce,
    my brain is a devils workshop, which brings so many subliminal lines,
    Coming back to the ordinary mind, tunring volume of my pod & listening to Shady's lines,
    Every ass likes to hear himself bray, but wait its my time & yes it is, so? hey,
    u better sit there & see me kicking those fags lines,

    Mic is taken ur brain is broken, full of frustation,
    iz what u look like a joker, gonna kill u in a situation,
    where desert looks better & devils looking for satisfaction".
    I am the sickest but that doesn't mean i am the weakest,
    my devotins speakes, my mind changes like a season,
    i am focused on the motion, i got no reason,
    like a dry season, it aint a confession, but a explosion,
    i stumble while i write, its no doubt i am not Shady's myth nor i am Enrique's voice,
    i fumble like a blind , trying to improvise with every crap i write,
    tryin to find ma own lines which comes in my mind's undermined,
    i am a man of kind, but i can't write a decent line,
    All that glitters is not gold, what u see is only what i've told,
    no one can stop this bold having suffered alot coz of those hoes,

    Tryina rap fast i forget my past life, thats why i rap light,
    still u can't beat my lines, my temper's got a height,
    but like those cool dudes, i aint got a bright past life,
    it started in dark exactly like day before dawn time,
    i was a devil with flagitious thoughts in my mind,
    "WAIT" Blood will out, let me get back to those sickest time,
    Sorrounded with sick people i realised "Birds of a feather, flock together", it was damn boring season,
    i waited for my confession, infront of my dedication,
    sun never went down on my wrath, i was a addiction,
    she left me with medication, suffocation & grufted cessation,
    tore me alone in rusty situation, an illusion of immortal frustation,
    my myth went to some duration & came again with a foundation,
    like a April showers brings May flowers ma heart got empower,
    trusted by my own will powers i confabulate tha obsession,
    i begin to express not to impress in my sickness it was a pleasure of my revolution.

    There Won't Be Sunlight There Will be No light, they Call it Love in sight I call it Fucking Life :/
    Fresh Meat

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    emceeing, My Life. Empty Re: emceeing, My Life.

    Post by shaby on Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:23 pm

    This is my first Rap ! Cool , Hope i am not sounding noob there ! Embarassed

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