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    The Striking Snake

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    The Striking Snake

    Post by Gebooka on Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:09 am

    The striking snake - normally live by the lake

    Despite they might
    look harmless right
    there is nothing more deadlier
    then a bite
    from a poisonous snake
    that delivers a strike
    and like
    many others snakes
    it takes
    only few seconds to attack
    spray its deadly venon apon contact
    even before you see the cobra
    its over
    these beautiful
    snake skin that shine
    like a gebooka rime
    moving in a zig zag
    and then move back
    4 multiply attack

    the striking snake - normally live by the lake

    i warm you
    its a raddel snake
    go to close
    it gos for your leg
    penetrate you skin
    to put the poison in
    you have to run fast now to go to some place where you can get medicine
    let your freind suck and spit
    if you have a first aid kit
    use it
    the snake escape
    indentifying is hard
    especially in a terrifying state of chok
    the hole nerve system shot down
    when will it be up
    wake up in a hospital bed
    among the things being sad
    is "your surpose to be dead"
    lucky that the poison didnt spread
    you survive
    and now life
    is just so mush more
    then it was before


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