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    private school kids still got it, flows to fast to stop it


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    private school kids still got it, flows to fast to stop it

    Post by linusheahan on Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:45 am

    OFWGKTA = boss - second ever rap posted.. felt so natural (read aloud try get the flow)

    im alright, feeling this flow so tight
    running at you with a switchblade you will endure a fright
    yeah, these words so fuckin hard the bite
    be fucking your bitches ass with her pussy delight
    and yes, i will last all night
    if you question my authority your place will ignite
    try me bet your lyrics cause mic distortion
    finding out the hard way your mother planned for abortion
    evidently, its late night pouring
    the rain on your wounds after mid-night brawling
    try fight me, the niggers i'd be calling
    only come out at night when the weather is stormin
    randomly waking up, at nearly 3 in tha morning
    look out your window you see three tough niggers ballin
    GUESS WHAT, you guessed right, this is the callin
    three trigger happy niggers with fucked life storys
    so in conclusion, next time dont ignore me.
    dont be a pussy mother fucked and spit your words before me

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