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    Gunslinger is a Snitch



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    Gunslinger is a Snitch

    Post by FrankWhite781 on Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:57 pm

    I'm real beef
    U oscar mayer
    I walk thru fire
    Get deeper in the dirt then an off road tire
    I'm a true g
    The colt 5th got kick like Bruce Lee
    My brain is not sane
    My body is war torn
    You been forewarned
    I will kill ya first born
    I'm hurricane katrina
    U a tropical storm
    I swing swords you a get ya flesh torn
    I'm a psycho escapesd from the psyche ward
    word is born
    I'm a gang rape u a softcore porn
    I'm sick like Lou Gerigs disease
    I rock two rosary beeds and a skeleton key
    M-16 hit you from ya head to ya knees
    Leave you strugglin to breathe
    get fucked the fuck up for fuckin wit me
    Sayin you gone jam me
    You musta been jokin'
    what the fuck you been smokin
    You funny like seth rogan
    Get ya legs broken
    I Beat you wit a bat till I crack ya head open
    Then I'll go fuck ya girl till her beds broken
    You all pussy like a clitoris
    I'm on my stone cold killer shit
    I try to relax wit the bitterness
    But I'm a fuckin animal I belong in the wilderness
    I will merk you ya mom and ya little sis
    You stupid if you think my 9 milli miss
    When I shoot
    shots hit ya bread basket like swish
    Cops find you in revere harbor sleepin wit fish
    Covered wit lobsters
    I'm a mobster
    I go to war like an old timer
    Firebomb ya house
    Leave you lookin like a coal miner
    Covered in ash from head to feet
    Burned to death melted to ya toilet seat
    Choke on smoke
    You a joke that ain't funny
    You fake like counterfit money
    Sonny liston a rap
    Punch you into a concussion
    Fuck a discussion
    Let's start the percussion
    I got kays from the Russians
    Shoot u till you fall over all over nothin
    Crush ya cranium
    Titanium sig
    I set stadiums on fire
    You a pussy
    Probly hidin in ya house shavin ya vagina
    I'm out my right mind
    I should be institutionalized
    Ill kill you and drag u in the woods before
    State troopers arrive
    I move in disguise
    You in my way imma move you aside
    Try me I'll give you a suprise
    I pack usefull supplies
    I either do it or die
    Keep starin at me i 'll shoot u in the eyes

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