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    What we talkin' about


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    What we talkin' about

    Post by Squabbles on Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:28 am

    freestyle of my own take on jay-zs song.

    you ain't talk bout real shit, you talkin' bout fake shit
    i'm talkin bout straight shit, you all about gay shit
    i'm makin statements, your shit is so basic
    the current state of the game; dont think i can take it
    i'm talkin bout love shit, i'm talkin bout hate shit
    i'm talkin bout sad shit, i'm talkin bout great shit
    i'm vivacious,and i know that i can make it
    the shit is so close, i feel like i can taste it
    i'm talkin that dope shit, you'd think i fuckin laced it
    im smokin mary jane shit, yea i'm rick james bitch
    you scared of the drug, i free based it
    i got a gift, and aint no way that i'ma waste it
    i'm talkin straight dangerous, my shit is outrageous
    here to light up the world, you should call me vegas
    your shit is so plain, you just an ignoramous
    my shit's off the chain man, we talkin bout greatness
    Lil' Slim

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    Re: What we talkin' about

    Post by Lil' Slim on Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:59 pm

    Yo man topics good, but your flow is really weak
    And very repatitive change it up bro

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