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    just written

    Jihad James
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    just written

    Post by Jihad James on Sat Oct 10, 2009 11:47 am

    open your mouth to rhyme about how you feel when i speak
    judging my style i keep it real on the beat
    stealthy like ninjas who conceil when they meet
    hanging from ceilings conceiling descrete
    braking 7 seals the purity that i seek
    my mind relentless ur mind is meak
    destroying bloodlines like vicking war fleets
    rape every whore but never changing ur sheets

    so stop, look and listen
    as my soul thickens shining so bright that my flo glistens
    hissing like rattle snakes ill define whatc'yo missin
    cant stand the heat? stay the fuck out the kitchen
    casting lines while im fishing
    taken em home, have em doing lines while im pissin
    breaking beliefs, like the mind of a christian
    ill burn you in hell, i dont mind bodies sizzlin
    my mission u stuck in fetal possition
    now shut the fuck up boy listen

    my bros sniffin o's twistin dro
    nose snifflin yo using cold snow
    to stop all there slow nose drippins bro
    i lack little u missin mo
    ill fuck your wife just to fist a hoe
    darker than the night im a twisted crow

    but before that happens ill be taken all bets
    like an illegal practisioner asking which patience next
    one wrong move and accidently break a neck
    bounce if i do like frauders faking checks
    locked on target quicker then asian jets
    burn a witch at the stake just to take her breath
    unsolved mysteries like that of ancient texts
    taking virginity's and having anal pagan sex

    and thats a fact
    stare you in the eyes snatch ur soul from ur back
    an angel of sorts with ancient wings that are black
    relaying my message saying things that'll crack
    mortal minds faster than blunt things and a bat
    when i finish ull have pissed and shat
    cowaring like hypocritical isreali aristocrates
    live the rest of life thinking that this is wack
    stand up to fight ill pistol wip a cat
    now this rhyme is over.. ur heart stops and just goes flat

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