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    Thinning Patience


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    Thinning Patience

    Post by MizAlyB on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:39 pm

    Peep the erasures on the pages...
    I upped the wagers
    of many lames who came egotistically brazen
    got lost in statistical maze n
    left ashamed, brutally maimed and nameless
    Should have deaded that mess they came wit
    Instead they let it go and I had to defame it
    Stab the game in
    the throat with something pointed and stainless,
    go loc until its totally painless
    Practice and training
    makes this
    perfect kill switch flawlessly engage...
    Enraged by the offered wage
    I nevertheless stay paid in respect
    til I rest in an unmarked grave...
    Waves of nausea come over me when I peep the fakeness
    From subtle racists to bruises on made-up faces
    Poisonous and deadly as it is odorless and tasteless drink up steady....
    and heres another dose ready to chase it
    Make a toast to a promise and break it
    take my life and drive it straight home cus its already fuckin wasted...

    Laced in the A-grade is creativity amazin
    Take this instability and embrace it....
    Light up the j I lovingly created
    and place it to my lips
    pull out the zip and blaze it.....
    My stress switch flips on and the shits on
    the bitch wan come test but no amount
    of diress could ever even
    come close enough to phase it......
    The pressure in my mental gauges
    has no equivalent replacement,
    like objects from foreign places
    thats stayed in the same family
    for over 8 generations...
    Well beyond the beginning stages
    of losing my thinning patience....
    On some violent rage shit...
    This firm foundation laid spit gets
    Darker than when the plague hit
    in the midst of the Middle Ages....
    Yet still I'd never trade it
    The sweetest mistakes n fine
    times which into my rhymes are
    tightly entwined n braided...
    Underestimated but a world apart
    cut out my heart with whateva's sharp
    and insist you fuckin take it...

    When i die, I wanna be FAMOUS
    for ANONYMOUS quotes and still remain nameless
    Drop off emotional baggage and NEVER
    return to reclaim it...
    Once devotion is lost its almost
    improbably to regain it;
    How the connection exhausted its
    almost IMPOSSIBLE to explain it....

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    Re: Thinning Patience

    Post by Randz on Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:00 am

    i like your style like a poem true poet keep the flowin going. Very Happy

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