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    Explicit Content versus K-man



    Who won the battle?

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    Explicit Content
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    Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by Explicit Content on Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:39 am

    Explicit's: (breaks ice)

    You fucked up and accpeted my challenge/
    dont make deals with the devil//
    wait as long as u want 2 respond/
    ur just yieldin ur peril//
    fuck the steel and the metal/
    im a lyrical beast//
    cuz wen my voice is in ya head/
    u gon hear it 4 weeks//
    u appear as a weak and u aint got no tricks up ya sleeve//
    ur mission is quixotic like tryna put sand in a sieve//
    how can he believe?/
    he think hes gonna get a win//
    thats like swimmin wit a shark n tryna only catch a fin//
    Explicit has arrived n nah i aint bitin ya raps//
    ur shits 'trash' so i wouldnt suggest 'recyclin that'!/
    im fightin this k nigga 4 no reason/
    im clearly a veteran//
    and aint nobody near me/
    try and name sum1 i aint better than//
    go thru the whole list of rookies and so-called leaders//
    like 'Jews' no need 4 Confirmation cuz i kno yall read us//
    u wacker than anything so i think ur name should be changed//
    i jus completed another chapter in the book so dude u got schooled//
    n ill leave liquids drippin from ur moms mouth but its not drool//
    Explicit is running this bitch just until its time goes back to school.

    Shit nigga I'm lost, I ain't gettin' what you tellin'
    Fuck off nigga I ain't buying whatchu selling
    Nigga It's K season
    now here is your reason
    I heard you be treason
    But I kill niggas like you in ease son
    Uh look nigga thats murder
    I slice you ass like a girder
    I fuck yo hoes in my dream
    cummin' freaky shit like infra-red beams
    I fuck yo mama from where she craps
    bust a nut, I start to slap/
    her she liking it she starts to clap/
    Sorry for that ol' chap
    Whatchu swimming with the sharks for man this ain't Jaws
    I'm fucking Wolverine, I slice your dick with my claws
    Yo mama likes me like she like Santa Clause
    Uh uh shit I'm cumming on her face wait a minute, pause!
    I can see in your rhymes so many numerous flaws (haha)
    Shit they should gimme a grammy
    for fucking this nigga from Miami...

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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by SpitItReal27 on Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:35 pm

    Not gonna lie, but both of y'all had some weak lines that appeared to me to be just filler, but if I gonna be real, I gotta say that Explicit had more substance as compared to K-Man's attempt...... interesting stuff indeed, but both you might want to brush up on your game.

    Multies: Explicit
    Flow: Explicit
    Punches: Explicit
    Personals: Explicit
    Nameplay: Explicit
    Wordplay: K-Man
    Consistency: Explicit
    Enjoyment: Explicit

    Vote: Explicit Content
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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by Ajax on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:50 am

    Multies? Flow? Punches?..... whatever happened to soul rapping
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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by Ajax on Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:51 am

    and both raps were awful
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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by xtaci on Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:17 pm

    i 2nd that ^^^
    Ill Trip OG
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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by Ill Trip OG on Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:00 pm

    listn to tha words coming out my throat
    If you fuck wit me, ill sink you like a boat

    My vocab is bigger than space
    Slow your roll, rappin aint a race

    Wakin up, a quarter passed nine
    After have myself a smoke,and ill be fine

    Life is all about, tryin to stay alive
    Hustlin like bees, makin honey for the hive
    But instead its the cash to us
    Thats what the whole world is built around
    Smoke a couple blunts and my voice is like surround sound.

    I feen for the green and im only sixteen
    Your words are rotten and mine are spit shine clean.
    Just kickn it back, rollin up a philly to C.R.E.A.M.

    Ya tha name is ILL trip
    I aint a true g, screw the glock on my hip
    all i need is the purple so i can take a sip

    Im so hot i got the flu
    Im the nazi, you the jew
    As i keep runnin from the boys in blue

    Peace yall. tell me if it was decent

    but ay im only 16
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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

    Post by Omnicide on Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:04 pm

    shit wasnt bad cousin you can only get better keep practicin it makes perfect.
    as for the battle both yall was nice but imma have to give to explicit he just brought it harder

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    Re: Explicit Content versus K-man

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