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    Insomnia~ poem in progress, rate/hate?


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    Insomnia~ poem in progress, rate/hate?

    Post by Explicit Content on Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:12 pm

    A quiet child stands off to the side, watching others age and progress
    writing down everything he sees throughout a day,nothing less than the truth
    rays of sunlight reflect off the world around him,shadows cast him out of the scene
    until the one day he met another,as the usual Hollywood story would play out
    He gradually fought his way out of the hole he had burrowed all these years
    the girl gave him hope,hope;which can be a gift or a curse
    lead to smiles,laughs,and joy;but most commonly tears
    tears that fall upon this very page with more force than the ink
    tears that capture more of my emotion than the most accurate photograph
    tears that never progress further than my iris,burning my eyes when I blink
    tears that pale in comparison to my innermost thoughts....

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