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    Post by mykiiz2reel. on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:31 pm


    born n tha hood cuz/honestly i never felt lyke/
    i had 2 many other options/it either hustle work or/
    keep dem big thangs poppin/& conseqences iz deadly 4/
    dat name droppin & I/ don't no exactly how i/
    made it through guess it/was jus in my cards/
    wouldn't tradin wouldn't change cuz/above it all i never/
    managed 2 let my dream dye/even when it seem lyke i/
    didn't have a hope or/a pray up n tha sky/didn't let dat/
    type of thinkin bring me/back down cuz even though wit/
    no plan b quit wit n tha cards 4 me/ nope as a result it/
    could've been supa ugly lyke a/hustla dat don't no/
    nuthin else but i'ma stuck n diz/grind cuz diz tha only/
    legal way i no how 2 shine all/dat other shit come wit/
    25 2 lyfetyme & once/u down dat road den u outta/
    lyfelines juz another wasted lyfetyme/& all 4 doing/
    tha lyfe we no lyke its/our fault dat we n these hard
    tyme/ & we don't no which way 2 go

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