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    MANYAC - Here you go


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    MANYAC - Here you go

    Post by $nowy on Tue May 19, 2009 1:55 am

    Now some round here call me the prince of the bay,
    sippin on sum joose thats how we stay,
    parting every night we got that craze,
    stay fucked up man, thats how we play.
    Brand new whip, within we toasted, Like a Star @ heaven
    sum killa weed, keeps me roasted,
    dont even care, bout that postman,
    cuz we just postin, blowin.
    That Rudolph kush, to the pole i be smokin, rendeer
    North that is, with Santa I be tokin, santa
    My minds all hazy, translucent like a Ghost, pale
    Dont mean to Gloat,
    But I'm just like P.Swazye,
    names Patrick too and we just that crazy.
    No1 gunna stop me,
    never gunna drop me,
    unlike Rocky,
    i keep it hot see,
    manny if u got sum balls come at me:!:

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    Re: MANYAC - Here you go

    Post by Randz on Tue May 19, 2009 5:52 pm

    So Mr. Prince of the bay,
    What sould I Say?
    Your lyrics they sound gay!
    Not one part was okay,
    They Call me Randz Mc Veetz,
    I walk in wid Handz on mic ready to speak ova beats,
    you stumble as u mumble rhymes that just crumble,
    patrick I'll make u backflip,
    u battle back i'll react then if ya retaliate ill make a hat trick,
    i spit slick shit thats sick & quick,
    fineshing this bout is what its all about,
    get out,
    go home n pout,
    cuz you aint destin to win any belt,
    sorry if your heart melts,
    your crappy rap's i neva felt!

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    Re: MANYAC - Here you go

    Post by WhiteKnight89 on Thu May 28, 2009 2:22 am

    Taco bell makes me spit better shit out my ass
    when you put your lyrics on paper it looks like a plane crashed
    what your sayin dont make sense to me homie
    if i had to record a "wack album" itd star randz and snowy
    you guys dont know me
    but im the hottest nigga out there and iim creepin up slowly
    and the bread comes so easy
    6 firues at 19
    you niggas cant see me
    and bitches cant leave me alone
    so i know its one of them every time i answer the phone
    did this all on my own
    noone to thank but the top of my dome.

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    Re: MANYAC - Here you go

    Post by Stretez on Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:27 pm

    ''Hit Um High,Spit N die'',Ya SCRIPTS GIT RIPPED,You ''Run ya Mouth,N Bitch'',Thts When LIPS GET BIT,Ow..''Swallow ya pride,n Sorrow you died'',I have ''NO REMORSE,Jus FLOW OF SORTS,Like The COCA COLA FACTORY,N Im ''So cold,I Froze stone'',When YA HOLD THA POLAR ICE CAPS TO ME!!..Jus ''Freeze At ease,N Please Dont Sneeze'',Coz im HOLDIN TISSUES,when FOLDIN Ma FISTS BRUISE,''Count ta 5'',n PULLIN YA SIXTH TOOTH!!..The ''Craziest dentist,You Lazy I Ment Shit!'',Ya FLOW HALF ARSED,I BLOW OUT SPARKS,I ''Extort In Sticky Situations,Pick ya Pitch,Bitch Is wastin'',I get DOH OUT-TAR/thanx,N ''Stay adrift,Survivin'',Like NO-AHS-ARK!..Ya Get ''Sunk Like Anchors,N Punk get Slammed Quick!'',Like DANCIN IN MOSH PITS,Im SMASHIN THIS GOTH PRICK,''Unstable,In a rave Yo'',IM QUITE PHSYCOTIC,He's ALIVE?,Well DROP HIM,''Pick Up,Ya Dick suck'',Or Watch MY COCK WIN!!/STRETEZ

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    Re: MANYAC - Here you go

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