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    Have a bunch of finished songs that need original beats

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    Have a bunch of finished songs that need original beats

    Post by parappa on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:53 pm

    I've put a handful of videos up on youtube (and this forum), most of which are using beats I took from some well known song. I'm finally gearing up to do real recordings of them all along with some new stuff I haven't put out yet, and would like to do the new recordings with original beats. I'm not looking to rework them too much so I'm looking for something with a similar tempo and feel to what Ive already used. In total there are seven songs that I'm looking to redo with originals, all in the playlist below. Im gonna dig through the posts on this site, but thought Id start this thread too in case anyone has something they think would fit particularly well with one of them.

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