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    On that freestyle flow


    Mic spitta
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    On that freestyle flow

    Post by Mic spitta on Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:39 pm

    Blow O's, smoke goes in thru my nose, fuck the hoes, only thing I love is the dro, so what's the answer to life I don't know, but why do poeple care, we don't forever so I can't stop to stare at a thought that can't be solved I just gotta keep going and stay involved, but worried about the future and what's to come, what I'm Guna do to substitute the fun, I gotta grow up eventually, didn't go to jail intentionally, fuck alcohol, you see me sip again, knock out my jaw,
    But really I'm not worried no more, I got Mary kissin me that's for sure, whenever I feel sick, sad, or sore, I go to my medicine drawer, and get my supplies, the shit with side effects like red eyes, bout to get high, reach cloud 9, for thenth time, today, cause every hour I get blazed, and play with words like maze, match em together in meanings, that make niggas start believing, in me, to see, my dream

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