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    Rell (@yngrell) - Rell's Play Ground (Black & White)


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    Rell (@yngrell) - Rell's Play Ground (Black & White) Empty Rell (@yngrell) - Rell's Play Ground (Black & White)

    Post by mixtapeatlas on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:20 pm

    Rell (@yngrell) - Rell's Play Ground (Black & White) RellsPlaygtoundmixtapeBampWCovercopy2_zps391ea8ab
    Track Listing:
    01-Truth (produced by 5star beatz)
    02- Sunny side up ft bnon, Mariwana Grillz(produced by trael)
    03-Life(produced by 5star beatz)
    04-Lights Camera Action(produced by Dreddy Kruger)
    05-Amazing(produced by lil keese)
    07- My City ft Mariwana Grillz(produced by Dramactic beatz)
    08- Tell'em That ft A Ave, Money Bagz(produced by Majestic&cash jordan)
    09-You,Me ft Kid Adams(produced by Got Instrumentals)
    10- Hoes All in my Biz ft lil killa, Mariwana Grillz(Produced by Certified Hitz)
    11- This Ride ft jpeoples, Jharp(produced by Dramatic Beatz)
    12-Pain(produced by Got Instrumentals)
    13-Dream ft Marley, Mariwana Grillz(produced by got instrumetals)
    14-Salute ft Star Kalee, lil killa(produced by trael)
    15- Shuttle Anthem ft Kid Adams(produced by 5star beatz)
    16- Jharp Phuck it ft Yng Rell
    17- Money ft Lil Wreckless, Mariwana Grillz(produced by Dramatic Beatz)
    18- Rich nIggaz(produced by 5star beatz)
    19- Pretty Women Anthem(produced by 5star beatz)
    20- Really(produced y 5star beatz)
    Twitter - @yngrell
    Instagram - @yngrell14

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