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    something i came up with


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    something i came up with

    Post by yanx117 on Thu Dec 18, 2008 8:04 pm

    Turn the beat up; itís all that I need
    Once you hear this shit your ears will freeze
    Im colder than a dairy queen blizzard
    A rebel since I was five, always running with scissors
    I live a good life, no problems but some stress.
    I live life down like a hydraulic press
    I walk down the hall, pricks starin me down
    All white jís, im the talk of this damn town
    Yea bitches talk but who the fuck cares
    Im the one rising to become a millionare
    People rhyme crazy but most rhyme lazy
    But I love this rap game it makes me crazy
    Now this is my spotlight; my time to shine
    No more waiting on the long ass bus line
    No more wasting my time in class
    Im rising faster than the price of gas
    Used to smoke weed; yea I miss it
    Im just glad I finally came to admit it
    We used to get so high
    The next day we would deny
    What has this world come to
    Donít blame other people, the one to blame is you
    Im just glad I have the potential to fly
    Cause im just shooting up sky high.

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