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    Consequences For Cheating

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    Consequences For Cheating Empty Consequences For Cheating

    Post by E-Klypse on Sat Mar 22, 2008 11:45 pm

    OK people here's what it do,

    --Cheating is to go against rules purposely to your advantage--

    That is not allowed here and all who cheat will be dealt with.

    NO FORMS OF CHEATING ARE ALLOWED but the Forms of cheating that are taken more seriously here are -:BITING:- -:RECYCLING:-, and -:GHOST VOTING:-

    Newbie Breakdown:
    Biting -Basically the text battle version of plagiarism. Taking the work of another person and presenting it like it was your own. Usually someone goes onto another site, finds a verse, and copy and paste it into a post.
    *Mods use google or a trusted search engine to search bars and lines from a verse to check if it links back to ne other forums or like this, if results pop up...that usually means that it is somewhere else on the web..but that is not always the case.*

    Biting is not allowed whatsoever on this forum board. Once you been caught biting, you have an option of starting over with a different account or just leaving the board. We encourage you to just start over with a fresh start, but if you feel the need, you may leave. On a second offense, your I.P. address will be blocked preventing you from being able to post from your current I.S.P. ranges.

    Recycling - Is exactly what is says. Re-using a verse you previously already posted on the board. Same rules apply here as they do for biting.
    *Mods search engines won't usually help with this one, you'll have better luck scrolling up to the top and using the board search tool*

    Ghost Voting - This is when you start a new account, but use it to vote for your self in battles. Only the mods know this, the regular members can't tell or see when this is going on hence the word 'GHOST'. This is a serious offense, and you will be I.P. banned on the first offense. We take this serious, so please don't attempt, because you will get caught.
    *Mods, when you notice suspicious voting going on, please take the time to search the I.P. addresses to be sure there is nothing going on.*

    Please take this into consideration, before you try anything stupid.

    Consequences For Cheating Eksig-2

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