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    In Your Presence


    The Rave

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    In Your Presence

    Post by The Rave on Mon May 13, 2013 6:20 am

    Happy Birthday!

    Another year is happy to receive
    the wonderfully fair air that you breathe.
    Though at times it's hard, Iím still happy to be in your presence.

    Naturally as a breeze through autumn leaves you move me.
    Without effort you seamlessly embody grace and joviality,
    with a glow that grows, and it shows to all in your presence.

    And those days when youíre down and not making a sound,
    when the tension is high and the tide dies down,
    your silence is loud like the horn of a clown.
    Now that's one hell of a presence.

    You hum your own tune as you step, looking sweet.
    Every street lies in wait of the stamp of your feet.
    Like grooves in concrete youíre embedded in me.
    That means Iím always in your presence.


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