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    just something to open me up to the group


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    just something to open me up to the group

    Post by MATTA on Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:47 pm

    here i am new and ready
    actin like machete freddy

    fearless in death and righteous in life
    im jackin yo bitch and forcing her moans.

    theres nothing but time and im taking this rhyme
    with the beats i observe and you bitch i straight burn

    theres nothing alive when im done with the beat
    and not born straight from the street
    born in a crib and with a golden bib in my mouth
    with a big stair set in my house

    im .here. all .alone. bring. your. bitch. in. my. home.
    you can tell by the way im reppin my zone
    and nothing will drop but the the beats i destroy
    like a little boy playing with toys.

    ---hope i did okay. i suck but some sort of criticism is always helpful.

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