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    Introducing KIMO!

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    Introducing KIMO!

    Post by Kimo on Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:13 pm

    Yo, i'm Kimo... it's just a gimmick so call me Kimo/Ben.. whatever takes your fancy, i'm not fussy... anyway, i'm pretty safe. So, lets give you a taste of what i'm about eh?

    where are my manners!
    tell the people of the future
    stick this in their planners
    i'm spittin shit that's dirty
    and i'm doing cold turkey
    there's probably a line of men that wanna hurt me
    but at no point does my confidence desert me
    my legacy will last an eternity
    and i'll live to see thirty
    cos i'm smart
    my hearts in the right place
    and if you haven't heard of me
    get used to the face
    cos in a month it's gonna be all over this place
    check your watch, my times beginning
    you pick up silver
    while i'm on the podium winning
    and you pray for the day
    that your head stops spinning
    your phone starts ringing
    your bones are shivering
    please pick up the mic and start delivering the goods
    a group of teens pull up there hoods
    and head off into the city
    attitudes shitty
    and a man would spit at me for dissing he
    but i take it,
    embrace it
    like a step in my stride
    i'm a fearless mother fucker who has nothing hide
    and if that prick wanted rid of me
    then the prick would of tried
    he had the chance of a lifetime
    but he put it high and wide
    and in reflection
    i know the guy lied, it's embarrassing
    he probably stayed home and cried
    waited til his eyes had dried
    got back on his feet
    stayed off work of week
    and logged on to twitter
    so he could tweet about how he's angry
    about the fact he didn't bang me when he had the chance
    but that's his problem
    be grateful that at first glance
    i was in a trance
    and didn't finish this prick so that my life could advance
    i'm a traveler and i'm pull of potential
    and i carry on my back a sack full of credentials
    it's essential i drag you through hell
    sell your soul to the demon
    sound the starter bell
    ding ding!
    lets see if he can recall when his life fell to pieces?
    around the same time i learned i was a different species
    with a smooth touch on the mic
    couldn't catch me on foot
    with you on a motorbike
    and with each split second
    my future gets bright
    and the end for you beckons
    i recommend a sentimental sign of respect
    or i will detect your defect
    and my rhymes will disinfect
    your recollection of ever thinking your perfection
    i am perfection
    and won't see me coming from the other direction
    i was born into rap
    no rough background
    no baseball cap
    no hot water tap
    no victim to slap
    but most of all
    nobody to trap
    i just like to spit honestly
    so if you have problem
    step up and have a pop at me!

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