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    Lifes A Bitch

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    Lifes A Bitch Empty Lifes A Bitch

    Post by TheRealMan Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:47 pm

    Life is a bitch and then you die/
    We fuck around for the most of our lives/
    And we dont know what we got until its gone/
    My family maybe dead but my heart will go on/
    This aint no titanic fuck that i aint sinking/
    I can spit out rhymes faster than you when your blinking/
    The devil took my soul and sold it for a buck/
    You say your the devil, You think i give a fuck/
    Im like jesus christ himself with my lyrics i will preach/
    Aint no school teacher here cos the stupid priks cant teach/
    My hip hop in its most harshest/
    Form, from this man im a brand new artist/
    Life aint no game take it in with respect/
    Or the devil himself will sell that soul and infect/
    Your brain and your body-Dude youve fucked it this time/
    I made an effort fuck this i got two more lines/
    I dont wanna go to hell cos my fans will cry/
    The moral is Lifes A Bitch And Then You Die:)

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    Lifes A Bitch Empty Re: Lifes A Bitch

    Post by MrFrost Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:15 pm

    For your one and only post... not all bad.

    Keep working though, the vocabulary used is prety elementary.
    Street Slayer
    Street Slayer
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    Lifes A Bitch Empty Re: Lifes A Bitch

    Post by Street Slayer Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:34 pm

    I swear to god lifes a ugly bitch, mess with demolition
    You lame bums can go back to Great Britain
    I cant do push ups cause im in bad condition
    who cant tell 5 plus 5 its simple addition
    lifes one big foregin misson,selfish ambiton
    play me out like the great musican
    im good at making all the split decisions
    find you in the dark like I have night vision.
    so I made a bad decision that's why im in prison
    this is going to cost you but if you with me itll be free
    love crowds cause I can do a killing spree
    haha put a bomb under your family tree
    I will find you if that's my last decree
    demolition will keep bringing you down
    were everywhere even in your hometown
    still laughin yall don't desreve a half crown
    got more AKs than the infantry,milltary
    you gonna frown and expect some symphony
    fire so many rounds youll think im an weapontry
    but see now I see life a little differently
    I can speak your very fluidly
    I more bars than a prison cell
    last I saw you I was beatin you does that ring a bell
    I may have done something wrong but I can get you for bail
    does any body wanna buy its up for resale
    all this cause im banging my retail
    if you need any thing just give a yell
    bars are so fast I can actuaaly disappear
    don't say you wasn't cryin I can see the tear
    demolition wre wre done here
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    Lifes A Bitch Empty Re: Lifes A Bitch

    Post by mInart/yOUn Sat Mar 31, 2018 2:33 pm

    Consider the terms of life being insane,
    life gives and life takes what we hold for remain,
    in the soul of our establishment we contemplate the plain.
    If we pull the trigger then one is mad the other insane.
    Death comes to apparent then comes again,
    for one dies once but for most i died again,
    I lived a life full of misery through hardships sane,
    came out victoriously and now iam the man,
    Ya all heard and have to hear it again,
    Life can be mad but life's never insane.

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    Lifes A Bitch Empty Re: Lifes A Bitch

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