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    A Poem For Satan


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    A Poem For Satan

    Post by Randz on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:29 pm

    This a poem for satan, The one everyone is on haten,
    Im listening to both sides, but can only choose one to ryde,
    So if i sent this to god, id be flatten like a pog,
    But oh gee look at shit like Glee,
    Fuck and people wounder why others got evil in they eye,
    If it wasnt for people like Tyler the creator, Then i just be some punk ass white boy hater,
    I love goblins, I love robberys and coffe from robbins,
    I think i allso love choking robbins with lasso's,
    Im a hassel, a little fucking Rascal, and on my feet im fast yo,
    Hah! Yeah .. So, Let it be know that im AdHd so I may have trouble staying on track here.. for,!
    Ima Paradox walking, So parents kids im stalking,
    For no reason, when its breezing, cuz its blowing in a certin dirrection i get a fuckign errection,
    i switch and become a manson loving maniac, looking for a mansion to take over with a satanic attack,
    get satan to rise in the fireplace has i lite dead bodys in what the coraner will say
    "this is the most devilish case!"
    Im hearing vouice's, Im seeing spots on clocks covering all #'s but 6's and 7's,
    Maby its because im throwing from Lexus rocks and sticks at stupid prick looking shit's!
    I cant help it, im like i need help but I get energy when I hear a yelp,
    So incased in gold is R.I.P. on the cassings of my bullets and there all gonna be left in ya face.
    I want to rip holes in ya neck whiles crazy folks like whoa...! This is it in a nutshell,
    Im a nut and yes i live in a shell, for if it was cracked open broken id might as well go crazy like hell!
    So if Lucifur could please respond, Im sitting here in a pond, Catching ducks with pucks i chucks as i laughs histarically a whole new fucking Sound!

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    Re: A Poem For Satan

    Post by AIYYO... on Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:23 am

    im not lucifer, or devil or any other incubus but i feel like replying back to this dirt
    i drank 2 cups 'a cokes 'n noded off twice till i finished readin ur freaky pieces 'a shit
    let me teach ur ass a lesson, here ain't loo so don't fart ur supposed just to spit
    fu*k ur devil 'n ur poem, i feel like givin ur puny ass a li'l kick
    i gotta go but i'll be back dawg}

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    Re: A Poem For Satan

    Post by MrFrost on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:24 am

    Completely redicuous... but... wtf.... Comic gold, hilariouss, good stuff mate.

    @ Aiyyo, from the two replies I have read by you you seem to be a complete dropped out of school fred neck. Just some positive criticism from a stranger that you may want to take to heart.

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    Re: A Poem For Satan

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