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    Lifes A Bitch


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    Lifes A Bitch

    Post by TheRealMan on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:47 pm

    Life is a bitch and then you die/
    We fuck around for the most of our lives/
    And we dont know what we got until its gone/
    My family maybe dead but my heart will go on/
    This aint no titanic fuck that i aint sinking/
    I can spit out rhymes faster than you when your blinking/
    The devil took my soul and sold it for a buck/
    You say your the devil, You think i give a fuck/
    Im like jesus christ himself with my lyrics i will preach/
    Aint no school teacher here cos the stupid priks cant teach/
    My hip hop in its most harshest/
    Form, from this man im a brand new artist/
    Life aint no game take it in with respect/
    Or the devil himself will sell that soul and infect/
    Your brain and your body-Dude youve fucked it this time/
    I made an effort fuck this i got two more lines/
    I dont wanna go to hell cos my fans will cry/
    The moral is Lifes A Bitch And Then You Die:)

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    Re: Lifes A Bitch

    Post by MrFrost on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:15 pm

    For your one and only post... not all bad.

    Keep working though, the vocabulary used is prety elementary.
    Street Slayer
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    Re: Lifes A Bitch

    Post by Street Slayer on Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:34 pm

    I swear to god lifes a ugly bitch, mess with demolition
    You lame bums can go back to Great Britain
    I cant do push ups cause im in bad condition
    who cant tell 5 plus 5 its simple addition
    lifes one big foregin misson,selfish ambiton
    play me out like the great musican
    im good at making all the split decisions
    find you in the dark like I have night vision.
    so I made a bad decision that's why im in prison
    this is going to cost you but if you with me itll be free
    love crowds cause I can do a killing spree
    haha put a bomb under your family tree
    I will find you if that's my last decree
    demolition will keep bringing you down
    were everywhere even in your hometown
    still laughin yall don't desreve a half crown
    got more AKs than the infantry,milltary
    you gonna frown and expect some symphony
    fire so many rounds youll think im an weapontry
    but see now I see life a little differently
    I can speak your very fluidly
    I more bars than a prison cell
    last I saw you I was beatin you does that ring a bell
    I may have done something wrong but I can get you for bail
    does any body wanna buy its up for resale
    all this cause im banging my retail
    if you need any thing just give a yell
    bars are so fast I can actuaaly disappear
    don't say you wasn't cryin I can see the tear
    demolition wre wre done here

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    Re: Lifes A Bitch

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