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    Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)


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    Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

    Post by TheSituasian on Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:58 pm

    Crime and its addiction, this aint fan fiction, cradling the dead while drownin in affliction. Feel this friction, colder than eviction, like a crowd of clowns at a crucifixion. Its a malediction, dont go to church but I give benediction.

    Catch me up when you write a freestyle so cold, it dont even hold, rhymes typed like bold, beat so hard it gonna be gold, bitch ima get a million sold.

    Puffin that chronic, goin supersonic, trippin on tonic, my rhymes be harmonic, evil and demonic, my flow be so sick, it be caustic, my rhymes so sick Ibe agnostic, streamin on data while you runnin a diagnostic

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    Re: Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

    Post by castellano505 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:28 pm

    Fiction is your first name talking 'bout crime like you do,
    Be a man and deal with reality like you ought to,
    The only benediction is your lyrical crucifixion,
    Your rhymes are as whack as your fake situation,
    Mother f***er, you just walked into complete annihilation. What a Face

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    Re: Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

    Post by AIYYO... on Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:07 am

    yo castle weenie sucker i didn got what u said
    i don even know if u "said" or u "farted" from ur head
    look he said he's shit may suck but u act like a bull seen it red
    ur own freaky rhymez r bigger nasty piece of shit
    so put ur tounge in ur anus 'n never rap again till ur dead

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    Re: Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

    Post by MrFrost on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:13 pm

    First: Aiyyo your post was as dumb as usual.

    Second: Heres the sitation. Part B was bad at best... there is no real context its just a bunch of one liners that have no coherency together.

    Third: Part A had some pretty cool parts. Especially " colder than eviction, like a crowd of clowns at a crucifixion" ... that right there is some fucking harsh shit, and in a freestyle battle that line would make me stope and think, "wtf this guy must be a genius"

    Then you go off into a bunch a big words, with no context, and minimal meaning. Keep writing.

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    Re: Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

    Post by firespitta4 on Tue Nov 22, 2011 2:00 am

    Your rhymes are retarded watch your whole shit get bombarted to the exit you'll be dartin after I spit shit and rip shit cause I spit persisitent with no resistance so stay distant and I'm trying not to diss kid but your a pupil to the teacher and no I'm not a preacher but I'll tell you facts like you lack flow and your rhymes are wack so go back to sucking your daddys sack and eating all his cum while I sit back and drink your mommys rum then bust a nut on her bum then I'll make another run down the hallway to your sister and tell her I missed her then kiss her seduce her it's weird she's looser must be a whore or a slore I have her begging for more after she oozes my cock like a juicer squeezing out every last drop getting her fix take a break from writing twix or kit kat yea I did that I'm a mean cat where's the love at to me pay homage predicting more shit than Nostradamus your a pompus ass with no knowledge you probably got kicked out of college so stay in Houston honkey and go finger a donkey with your head until your dead you'll never catch me spitting about bread or bucking the lead cause I'm rich with soul worth more than gold wait enough about me I'll put your career on hold cause you're not bold using rhymer dot com is failure and your feeble plus your rhyme schemes are not lethal I'll feed your carcass to an eagle then feed those remains to a beetle enough for now so you know what I'm about last line and I'm out
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    Re: Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

    Post by Khronic on Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:25 pm

    hmmm what should i say?
    should i talk about how all of you faggots are gay, or how ya girl gives me head every day. More likely the topic i'm approachin while you are encroachin is how ima crush you stupid cockroaches. You fuckin cock coaches suckin on dick takin cum like sexual osmosis. Some would say that i am moses. But i dont talk to god i tell him send the locust ya better fix ya focus ya shit is so bogus i got thirty stacks you got 2 chuck e cheese tokens. yeah thats right i said it. so dont you forget it cuz then you will regret it. Style is electric i leave two in one things behind reminders and warnings in the bodies they find.

    They say assuming makes ass out of u and me. Well you all bunch of asses obviously. You thought i was done but now u see. Im the champ start crownin me. Round 1 round 2 round 3 round 4. I guess ya all want more. I'll give you a whole fuckin tour Im insane no brain what do i rap for. Mainly i rap to impress ya mom. She used to suck my dick when she had pom poms droppin atom bombs guess you hiroshima it just got hot cuz i pulled out the heater I ride solo you playin follow the leader if cash was an animal i would be the breeder erasin these haters cuz im the deleter you a broken record call you a repeater i fuck that bitch and then i just leave her i aint a father not like justin bieber and im so sick i dont spit fire...
    bitch i spit fevers


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    Re: Random Freestyle(1st attempt, I know it probably sucks)

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