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    Diss to Michael F.


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    Diss to Michael F.

    Post by YoungDthaG on Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:20 pm

    yo im in beast mode
    try to shit on me and ill flush u down tha commode
    im comin up on u from tha dark like a shadow
    u think ur hardkore
    thats not what ur lyrics just showed
    im not iced out but my wordz be cold
    im a braniac so i know tha genetic code
    did yo granny give u lyrics cuz they sound so old
    damn u just got owned
    im goin in fo the kill cuz i got a sick flow
    u could give me morphine but i still wont be slowed
    u say youve got a gf whats she look like a toad
    ur flow is so weak like sperm from an 85 year old
    im talkin to ur bitch and she just kissed me thru tha fone
    oh sorry did that offend u
    if it did then go home
    cuz i aint done yet im just gettin in tha zone
    im a leiutenant and u a drone
    im underground
    im most known unknown
    my lyrics are powerful
    urs are useless as a pine cone
    u say u live in a glass house
    good cuz i got a stone...

    Fuck u ur a fake ass pussy
    im a top class rapper who raps on tha daily
    holy shit u r so phony
    u claim u ride
    mo fucka the only thing u ride is a pony
    u think u can fuck wit me
    lemme show u da true me...

    Here i go
    im gonna explode
    i got a spirit of steel
    i got a heart of gold
    i break all tha rules
    i dont do what im told
    my rhymes electrify
    im like a lightning bolt
    u say ur such a christian
    but yet u joined a cult
    im tired of ur bitchin
    i got this game in a hold
    u gave ur heart to satan
    to Jesus mine is sold
    man u r so gay
    u own a strippers pole
    u say ur not
    but thats not what ive been told
    i shoot ur fuckin brain
    then stab ur jelly rolls
    im higher than a kite
    man i could go all night
    im everything
    but polite
    u call me a faggot
    ill cut u with a knife
    u touch my sister tho
    ill fuckin end yo life
    so next time please think twice
    cuz when u battle me
    its more like a fight
    im in my zone
    im high alright
    alright im done
    so get another flight

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