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    Straight up


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    Straight up

    Post by YoungDthaG on Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:55 pm

    Yo, Im so tired of this lame ass shit
    sittin on a porch while i lyrically spit
    my mouth got a case of tha tight ass shits
    and i get mo stoopid than a dumb ass ditz
    im in it to win my rhymes r da shit
    and i aint stoppin till tha going gets git
    im full of game im swagged out bitch
    and if you dont believe me
    check out my bloody wrists
    im bipolar and schizophrenic trick
    im a baller like melo on tha knicks
    im tearin up tha mic
    ill make you have a hissy fit


    This is me, mr. american dream
    you look at me and you c a G
    Straight up and you know thats whassup x2

    verse 2

    Soon as that bass gets ta pumpin
    i get all tha gurlz hearts a thumpin
    im takin stabs at this game
    i redefine a dawg
    cuz im a great dane
    im my enemys own worst pain
    and im strapped up like fuckin Max Payne
    im so vein
    i be weavin in tha turnin lane
    sittin sidewayz
    im in a daze
    im more potent than purple haze
    im rackin in tha dimes like they were pocket change
    straight up

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    Re: Straight up

    Post by MrFrost on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:06 pm

    First... calling yourself a straight up g and the american dream, is alright I guess, if you like g unit.... but it totally contradicts the beginning where you call yourself a loser for sitting on the porch and not having a life.

    Also... how would you get blood on your wrists....??? Knuckes i would understand... what are you an emo wrist cutter?

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