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    Return of the Element


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    Return of the Element

    Post by Element on Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:35 am

    Used to a booth which I use without a pen in my hand
    Won't speak bland so I show sick flow that goes hand in hand with the best in the land
    I don't speak about money cuz it comes and goes understand?
    I fall in a trance and take a stance with my eyes closed no glance and raise my hands while I
    knock out a verse unplanned.

    I'm reaching hectic speeds that break necks
    hitting the apex with enough stress that the telemetry is so complex
    That these flecks of sweat on my hands could determine whats next
    Let's not forget this is the net where cretins come to make empty threats
    when they should be out on the town choosing either blonde or brunette
    you get that im not causing anyone to take out a vendetta
    i just think the flow sounds better when its offset
    and lyricists tighten up like faucets instead of taking four sets
    to get something out like a 12 hour labour with forceps.
    If I got your attention and respect I should say I don't duet
    even if you're dead set on having me as your favourite pet
    or get upset like its the return of the national debt
    but now that your appetite is whet its time to jet
    and stop while im ahead like im up 10k in roulette.

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