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    haha tired of ktw yet? come up with your worst


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    haha tired of ktw yet? come up with your worst

    Post by LilJay on Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:24 pm

    Man this kid think he swags, but if you take a look he dressed in dirty rags, he always says you is weak but take another look hell hes a geek, man his rymes reek like a shit filled creek , yo bro i recognize you got some flow but you is actin like a filthy ass hoe ready to blow anyone who will tell you ,you a beast, well coming from the east im the beast raized by african priest ,runnin from poilice money is the worry of my least got two hotels stacked 150 story, now lemme tell you bout my ride itll woop yo fuckin hide, yo my rides a cadillac decked out in rainbow diamond skittles, badass griddles, gold lines on the grills, you noticein my skills, well run too the hills cuz im soundin my drills, burry your career under 50 landfills- haha ktw wtf is up wit you, what u think you is hot ur lifes gona rott im puttin you on the spot ready or not come and defend your name while im making you look lame

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