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    AK to the throne!!!

    Arsonist Killa
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    AK to the throne!!!

    Post by Arsonist Killa on Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:01 pm

    AK the illest one of the greatest to ever exist
    Lyrical onslaught I知 the recruiter time to enlist
    I own this game I知 like a fatal type of cist
    Damaging leaving your body mangled with a twist
    Blessed with a lyrical force bow down you won稚 be missed
    As soon as I spit bars leave the premises your dismissed
    Pay homage to the one who let ya live
    Got no remorse I値l eat your woman and kids
    Demonic flow with a style that痴 far beyond
    Unable to understand you remain stuck like a blonde
    Creative technique I知 a threat to all you phonies
    Ya Groupies d*ck riders trannys Mr. Cee homies
    Devour these ignorant fools standing in my path
    Full of rage these emcees will be witness to my wrath
    Leaving mental blood baths with lyrical witchcraft
    Detach your head from your neck quicker than a bank draft
    Cave a hole in your chest known to captivate the mass
    Dismantle your insides from the shotgun blast
    I知 far more inferior I superseded your rap class
    Chemical explosion as I remain to be the last..

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