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    Deprestion Killer

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    Deprestion Killer

    Post by albygzy on Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:02 pm

    At quiet times of lonelyness and misfomfort, although some fucked up people love it
    i tend to struggle with it,
    when im in the dark away from the light. i take steps to rid these tears i try cover
    hide it from my fams, and even from my girl friend even though i love her
    dont know why, but its been a while that iv been showin a fake smile
    fuck the court system, i must be fucked up to think of the brothers that have passed
    even though i miss them.
    show me some sorta sign that use are up in heaven listenin
    what iv learned is people judge you so be the real you when there backs turned.

    people have choices, right and bad ones.
    when its dead and done, whose gona be the sad one
    witch path are you gona choose, to stand up and face facts or be a coward and run.

    sinkin so low, musta hit rock bottom some how,
    (im now) in my own personal hell ,
    fuck the new pain that fills me, pull my middle finger up at the law cause it dont rule me
    fuck deprestion cause it trys its best to try kill me.
    i thought i was clued up enough not to get fucked up.
    but i guess not clued up enough not to get cuffed up, i guess some where i mucked up
    although i try my best to suck it up, and block deprestion from getting in,
    some how some way it found a way to blend in,
    it seems this is like a bad endin to one of my dreams
    no more screams of laughter, i might havta try look after
    ma happyness.... cause after sometime, deprestion might try destroy it and this time i might not be able
    to avoid it.

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