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    Ordinary boy

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    Ordinary boy

    Post by albygzy on Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:59 pm

    when growing up a young buck
    i usta have all sorts of dreams and stuff,
    wine and dine, setting goals all the time, , but struggle on forfiling them,
    I got it locked in my mind all the time that im supposta be a role model to my younger brother William,
    but i had my head in the clouds and im caught up in depression,
    but give me that chance to shine and I promise not to miss em,
    hold a portrait of my famz and visualize me blessing them,
    and to all the famz that have passed, slow down the hour glass,
    so i dont miss the chance to succeed before I rest with them

    People people people
    we are all as one.
    im just an ordinary boy tryna live the life of a souljah
    dont let society mould yah

    where to start besides the memorys, regretful of my past ill never be
    Rotovagas born and breed im proud to be
    step by step i take a chance at this life time, making small steps to get mine
    and even though times flyin ima shine in my own way
    ma backs turned cause iv learned not to get burnt from what haters havta say
    if ima start makin changes its gona be today but ima do it in ma own way
    dream and visions of multipul digits fuck at my age i shouldnt be on the min-a-mim wage
    bring on the good days, fuck the doll days, nothings changed though its still thirsty thursday HAHA

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    Re: Ordinary boy

    Post by MrFrost on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:19 pm

    you convey some inteligent introspective thought. Thats key, not just for making rhymes, but for living life.

    You got some depth.
    Good job at living life, I applaud you.

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