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    JustIIIce vs. Death star


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    JustIIIce vs. Death star

    Post by justiiice on Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:12 pm

    come on man, lets make it official,
    forum judge lets call it judicial,
    30 man it's time to retire,
    ya got some heart that i admire,
    like old tyson knocked out by lewis,
    you spit like shit nigga dont make me do this,
    lyrically your in 5th grade,
    i gotta degree in spitten grenades,
    explode on the track napalm a blast,
    ak's, switch blades, and a ski mask,
    ima lyrical terrorist dont you forget it,
    spit fire leave ya ass hairless,
    but wait you old so you prolly aint got none,
    gramy shut the fuck up and get forum,
    niggas ate you up alive,
    truth hurts bitch i aint gonna lie,
    i'll take a cocktail drop it in ya window,
    kill ya ass leave ya wife a widow,
    then fuck her hard make her nut,
    she'll forget ya existed stupid fuck,
    ima end it here i already took the gold,
    don't choke now for once be bold

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