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    off the dome all day n night


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    off the dome all day n night

    Post by SOLIDIFY on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:51 am

    you take that golden road i take that escalator
    im always coming up like a chronic masterbator
    and i can give a fuck about a hater
    cause in the end im always destine for greater
    i never give in like a marter
    always fight for what i want so that i get larger
    cant say shit about me
    cause everything u say just contracieves
    yeah and im too sick
    dont know the meaning of quit so i spit legit
    new to this shit but i got that soul
    many of u rappers just follow the mold
    but naww not me
    i always come with that fresh consistancy
    flow not the best
    but i work and invest
    time in my rhymes to make up for lost time
    lost, from crazy mistakes
    my anger gathers up like leaves from a rake,
    yeah and u can talk your shit
    but this is str8 from the dome so i ignore my quit
    cause i dont rap about guns i just do it for fun
    expression of my ryhmes, cause everything else im like fuck that son
    before all that stop snitchin shit i always believed to rat on non
    always been individual can only stop me with a gun
    but i aint on a ganster tip
    most of you fake insecure and ripped
    stripped of your fuckin dignity
    cause thats what i do when you start to fuck with me
    choose no anger even thought its in there u just cant see
    but please dont push me
    cause i can snap any minute like an owl sitting on a twig on a tree
    this is crazy of the dome i dont write jack shit
    i just speack that profound shit that down shit never on a crack tip
    thought i may be insane though i try to control it
    cause i dont wanna be part of this stupid no soul shit
    cause everyone spreads anger and hate
    but i seen too much to be part of that make
    yes i always arrive late,
    always speak my mind cause i aint fake,
    i just seen to much pain
    enough to realize theres just nothing to gain
    just real lies so from hate i sustain
    and for me i maintain
    cause i dont give a fuck about fortune and fame
    that shit will kill your soul, leaving u to blame,
    so you can hate all day is my mind frame
    i just laugh knowing you just spit follower's lame game

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