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    fuck forty UFO is callin u out



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    fuck forty UFO is callin u out

    Post by ufo on Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:55 pm

    Fuck Forty hes a Fake and a Fraud
    Freestyles for real just a mirage
    Fever induced ramblings
    aint even worth challenging
    ur just imagining if u
    think ur surpassin
    this mic assassin
    i write wicked shit like Mansen
    ur sweet like Hansen
    forty s a headache and im the aspirin
    actin like hes hard u fucken retard
    you must be Hershey cuz u got sweet bars
    so fuk 2 on 2 im callin u out
    ima show u nigga what im really about
    say my name pussy and ill murder you
    put a red dot on ur 4 head
    and take ur top off like a convertible
    i must be a waiter cuz im servin you
    you d think i was dictionary
    the way i throw words at you
    so fuk forty thats the name of this thread
    now hes just like his partner
    st8 up just dead

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