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    Post by FrankWhite781 on Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:46 pm

    Betta hold ya holy bible when I'm loadin the rifle
    Get ya hail mary and our father on
    I go godfather 1 , 2 and 3 on you
    I'm addicted to violence
    I'll fuckin o.d. on you
    Shit I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one
    I got 99 shots in the tommy gun
    But shit ain't fun
    I still got 1 problem and a snitch is one
    Rat bastard
    Wack bastard
    You get blasted
    Get caspered
    I will ghost you
    Pipebomb in ya mailbox I go postal
    I'm so vocal
    I try to be hopefull
    I wanna see the world but ill always be local
    Boatfulls a marijuana
    Floatin in revere harbor
    Drug dealer trapper for life
    Trafficin' white
    Smokin piff listenin to rappers delight
    Two gats and a knife
    Killer in the place
    Case a grenades stolen from a milatary base
    Lifes short I ain't got minutes to waste
    I live in the second
    Carry two weapons
    Count my blessings
    I played wit fire and burned I learned my lesson
    I lost my mind for a time I'm dun stressin
    I went to church and went to confession
    Later that night I almost ended my life
    I lost my marbles but I'm pickin em up
    Its a slow process but my livin is ruff
    I try to see the the best side a shit
    But life is a big cup a piss served wit a side a shit
    But I'm holdin myself together
    Everydays a new day that could be better
    I trust never
    No one
    sometimes I think about killin my own gun
    Before it kills me
    It might be the pills or the weed
    I'm a paranoid skitzo
    I have full blown conversations wit pistols
    Yesterday I talked about politics wit my hollow tips
    Had a chat wit my ruger about the future
    I'm a one man riot
    I'm insane I told my silencer to be quiet
    I asked my knife if I should slit ya throat
    She said try it
    If you see me please leave me alone
    I should be home
    And not outside
    I'm prone to have mania attacks
    I black out destroy shit and can't relax
    I pull a shank and leave 88 wounds in ya back
    I react on instinct
    Clink clink
    Sink bullets into ya chest
    Rest in peace
    I don't give a fuck
    Its chainsaw chuck
    Drunk drivin a 18 wheel truck
    I'm wreckless
    Especially when I'm restless
    My thoughts race like olympic sprinters
    I wanna beat u wit a bat till it splinters
    Its been two days no lunch breakfast or dinner
    I can't eat I feed off hate
    I see dead bodies when I look at my plate
    Frank white I want you to test me
    Trust me
    I stay wit the bang ya guns dusty
    My knife just got sharper
    Ya blades all rusty
    You can't touch me
    Get off my dick you homos you can't fuck me

    Death Star
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    Loyal Member

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    Post by Death Star on Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:55 am

    only the lesson and streesin part of this was a bit good not nerar as good as my work tho but ur getting there kid tell ya mama i said hi she knows the name AOD Angel of Death..... bastard.


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    Post by FrankWhite781 on Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:53 pm

    whatever u say gramps..u live in ya own world dude..ur fuckin delirios...your work on a 1-10 scale is a generous 3...u ever gonna respond to the lyrical burial u recieved in the call outs forum...or are u just gonna keep babblin....gramps...i think its time for ya mom said dont come over unless u bring soft muthafycka..u the Andy Dick a twinklin just cant get over a fuckin homo


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    Post by SpitItReal27 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:41 pm

    Signed on and realized I hadn’t written in a while

    Looked up some new topics, and found a title with “Bible”

    I stopped for a moment, opened the link and smiled

    Cause I realized the irony, nothing holy in the style…

    Now, I can’t blame you for being indecent, lacking any frame of mind

    First line, got your rifle – so I continued to try to find

    Some relevance to your title, righteousness that shined

    Yet I found broken phrases, no pentameter in any lines

    I ain’t trying to be Rodney, and say why can’t we all be friends

    But do you realize there’s no sanctity in this means to an end

    Be an e-thug or a e-bum, it’s all relative when you send

    Your threats to whomever, but your time is wasted and spent

    See, I believe you have skills, the ability to write

    But you seem a little close-minded when you try to attack White

    It’s so much harder to spit verse with no enemy or spite

    But try it sometime… you might enjoy the sight…

    Basically, sites like this aren’t meant for people getting mad at one another and wanting to fight so and so or have some beef, pork, and chicken over who knows what. It’s just about writers being writers and battling it out, with some common sense. Please, everyone, remember that.


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    Post by ufo on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:18 pm

    testify my sister

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