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    my efn hit list



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    my efn hit list

    Post by ufo on Wed Mar 24, 2010 12:46 pm

    frank white haha more like skank dyke
    actin like jim jones cuz his pants r tight
    i mean come on lets b realistic
    u is about as intimidatin as a gang of migdets
    fuk ur whole ganster image ur just a gimmick
    u aint no thug so y u tryin mimic
    the king of new york in ur lyrics
    actin like u freestylin yeah that was written
    how u actin like u nice in this game
    y when everything u spit sounds the same
    ima thug ima shoot u in the brain(sound familiar)
    but waited till the last line to say my name
    fuken bitch
    now next in line
    is sum simple minded fool who thinks he can rhyme
    i mean how many times do i have 2 blow ur mind
    how many times
    i gotta serve dead meat
    couldnt kik my ass wit ten feet
    couldnt test me thats y he just speaks" cant freestyle nomore
    dont have forty 2 help me"
    yeah im talikn 2 u death star
    keep talkin shit ima leave u dead in ur car
    u aint death or fuken star
    ur just a bitch nigga so play ur part
    n zomby keep my name out ur mouth
    seriously u dont wanna go that route
    next time u say my name we gonna have it out
    no dought cuz yeah thats what im about
    i aint racist i hate every one
    thats y every 1 on this list is about
    hung motherfukas

    Death Star
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    Loyal Member

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    Re: my efn hit list

    Post by Death Star on Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:38 am

    please nigga just stop its over man just face it

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