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    Post by ufo on Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:40 pm

    wtf is this american idol ya dudes couldnt
    spit verses if u was recitin the bible
    fuk battin, wit me its survival
    my rhymes fly like jordan u can call me Michael
    who i be its
    UFO the lyrical pro wit da limitless quotes
    whos killin his foes wit these critical flows
    im here to finish u hoes n u gimmicks n jokes
    wait 4 ur reply then shit on ur posts
    n if ur thinkin ur dope u must b sniffin coke
    so u better listen close or ima start rippin ur throats
    cuz as a matter of fact dude
    i spit n ya freeze up like statues
    or like madussa was starin at u
    cuz i blast u wit so many words u would think
    a thesaurus just attacked u
    thats how i get at u tell it 2 ur face
    of u wack fools, Ur wack dude u n ur wack crew
    n smack you so hard leave a
    handprint on ur face permanently
    like a tattoo crack ur back in 2
    n smash u cuz i have to
    Y? cuz i cant stand u
    so run 4 cover b4 a UFO lands on u


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    Post by FrankWhite781 on Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:47 pm

    Shits retarted I'm bold and bravehearted
    Eveytime I bust off i hit the target
    Infrard got ya head spotted
    Ya brain get discarded
    I got army guns you get seargant slaughtered
    You get murderered all cuzz some bullshit you started
    Ya body remains get disregarded
    Burried in my backyard underneath the flower garden
    I'm fly like emelia airheart
    Carhart boots shotgun from wal mart
    I'm the star a the show u play a small part
    Pipebomb under ya trunk you dead when ya car starts
    I go off early like alarm clocks
    You a foul play
    I knock shit outta the ball park
    I'm a one man wolfpack you a small fox
    I'm sicker then small pox
    I got anthrax stored in my lock box
    You small fart I'm the big shit
    Big guns big bullets big clips
    leave ya fuckin wig split
    Get ya life shortened
    I take aim and land more shots then michael jordan
    Rifle shells rip thru ya vital organs
    I take ya bitch in the booth and rape her while the mic's recordin'
    I be Smokin piff sippin captain morgans
    Probly gone feel like shit In the mornin'
    This is a warnin'
    Think you ali
    I'm a young george foreman
    I got gunz in a assortment
    You get left dead wit skull fractures and torn skin
    Then the ref a raise my hand for the win
    Its f weezy the sasquatch a Lynn
    I'm a stop you are soft
    Like a temperpedic matress
    We see if u still cumfy dead in a casket
    im standin on the roof lettin two rugers blow
    on accident I shot down a UFO
    u soft duke

    Death Star
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    Loyal Member

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    Post by Death Star on Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:47 am

    lol man if u dissin ufo props uppin I ain't even gon read that cuz more than likely ur right about whatever you said about him

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