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    how is ma rap?? neva seriously wrote a rap b4


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    how is ma rap?? neva seriously wrote a rap b4

    Post by scoop0793 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:19 pm

    i been out da rap game for a lil minute like t.i
    but i got hella b's comin 2 me like a beehive
    i keep a stak of papa on me like da book of eli
    money steady comin bak 2 me like it was on rewind
    fuk a dog, ima wolf like randy foye
    jus a yungin soarin ova yal lik astro boy
    so while yal steady gettn layed by deez hoes like toys
    ima b makin dey bedrock like yung money n lloyd
    u gotta dread head flo cuz yo flo real messy
    u spit trash, my flo 3 times stronger lik hefty
    u may neva get rite so u sumthan lik a lefty
    u may neva c da lite so u sumthan like a heavy
    yea im tweakin hard but deez bars keep comin lik refugees
    dnt eva stand still i keep it movin like dem stairs u see
    ima star like patrick u a square like spongebob g
    lotta squares n ya circle so i dnt fuk wit yal geometry
    all about gettn brain cuz i fux wit dat pscychology
    i control da money like da banka n monopoly
    our time is limited god got us on a stopwatch g
    so let my cock breathe b4 u get rocked by COX g
    c i dont cop rocks or pop shots n wont start g
    da blok is hot at my spot bt dis aint dwayne carter c
    mock me n you'll cum up missin like fathers g
    sum call me mean jo but dats cuz i get alotta green
    girls call me 2 cute, i make dey minds crash like bandicoot
    aint neva really drink but goddammit i dun had a few
    dnt smoke weed cuz im on a team n i dnt even really hav 2
    cant wait 2 c how niggas hate wen i cop a car or two
    jewelry so brite lite up da nite til da mornin
    ice so cold it could end global warmin!!
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    Re: how is ma rap?? neva seriously wrote a rap b4

    Post by ktw on Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:16 am

    its good.the beginning was better, but you started gettin weak in the middle- like when you kept putting letters at the end of your bars to help you you kept saying g and c. but the ending was ok.

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