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    Throwing out the trash

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    Throwing out the trash - Page 2 Empty Re: Throwing out the trash

    Post by th_arif on Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:13 am

    Yo t dawg here rappin with that ill will,
    hate to intrude but yall should find out the real deal,

    Step on a track and light it on fire,
    smell that rubber bitch, its me burnin tires,
    But i never do tire,
    never will retire
    cuz the game wants me callin the shots hell im an umpire.

    But yall bitches ain t shit, and imma rape yall bunch,
    makin tracks valuable, im king midas and i got that golden touch.

    So step down, make way, for the new ruler.
    fell embarassed gettin raped by a high schoolah

    you some dumbass shit, i find you on the street
    you starvin, im versatile and eat hella beats.

    yo rhymes lay flat, mine bubble like soda pop.
    bring a jacket cuz its cold on the top

    But theres only room for one, i get shit done, fuck bitches one by one, and stack em on eachother, i got racks of racks of hoes, but yall masturbatin niggas. So you try to find me in the hood, hell i live in suburbia,

    my tracks strike fear in yall pussys, suburbia.
    yall little kid shit, fantasia.

    As long as freestyle flows, you stay on the bottom.
    so before niggas run the red, you know my hood will stop em
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    Throwing out the trash - Page 2 Empty Re: Throwing out the trash

    Post by eight1oh on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:18 pm

    O.K. WHO ARE YOU?, zombie trash, or b-rabbit, dog, dat shit was WACK, kinda like my drug habbit, I've read almost all ur posts, ain't none of good, suburb raised bitch boy, pretendin to be hood, BOY, I wish u would, come steppin to me, u'll find out 1st hand y they call me O.G., I'm white, I'm schizophrenic, from da east-side of Flint, and if I ain't have me a woman, I'd do u like a stint, in da county jail, rent ya out 4 some soups. eat a cook-up or 2, go shoot me some hoops, now do us all a favor, FIND A NEW HOBBY, while I be on stage, KEEP UR ASS IN DA LOBBY!!!! FLINT-TOWN! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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